Theodora Flipper Shopping Queen

Plus Size blogger Theodora Flipper or actually Cecil, my colleague from Augsburg has made today the Plus Size bloggers all honor and with wit, charm and a good sense of style become Shopping Queen of Augsburg. HOORAY!!!

Call me quiet the great seer. Because when Cecil told me about it, I was equally clear who conquered my heart, which is also related to other hearts. I mog di… and her sweet dialect 🙂

Something closer we got to know us in the summer on the Zizzi show in Copenhagen. Cecil came a native of the capital they would probably have a “Berlin snout”. But arise in Augsburg sounds directness equal ten times cuter. “. Weischt, I mog stop also gladly times a cake” Meanwhile, I write in the chat to me you also things like: “the mog I net”.

. But back to the show
I think – and showing indeed the history of the program – that only has a good chance that is authentic. Be Thou thyself, eighth a bit that you quatschst not too much, who know from television, as they found out the embarrassing things from you and suck again the apartment through. If you still have a good style, a few good ideas and changes during the tour, is almost impossible that one lands on the last places.

Shopping Queen lives, in my opinion, exactly this. If I select a week by goggle on a lazy Saturday times, I often strained to the apartments, as the style. Theodora was lucky, it was a very nice group, but not so nice that one has bored itself.

The theme of the Shopping Queen show in Augsburg was quite fine. The five candidates had to reinterpret their favorite key piece.

So for example with their favorite worn out boots, her favorite jacket create a new look, they have not been previously shown. Cecil why times Theodora and time Cecil read her best himself on her blog, her Chanel took sunglasses she brought back from a trip from the US. She had also in Copenhagen here and I still have it mounted with their brand Tick:

Theodora, so I call them always, do not know exactly what she prefers to listen, has done fairly well with plus size bras listed on Healthvv. As pink amorous LasVegas-Girl, the rock, translucent and colored dresses, she has turned within one hour of broadcasting time to an elegant “chaneligen” Lady. This was definitely something different and fit naturally to top her sunglasses. I also liked that it is not constantly “Attention DICK” meant, but Theodora Flipper had an idea and implemented.

I can not simply steal the images of Vox, this is trouble and is expensive, but who can no longer stand looking over now with her: THEODORA FL IPPER
The long sweater, we had just as subject. Only at the time of the recordings were in Augsburg at least 88 degrees in the shade. Quite casually from her also to show the fall trend.

If you want to quickly check the shipment with you who is here: LINK TO VOX . All other items, including today, you can find there as well.

And here’s a picture of our weekend, Cecil in black and white:

With an expression she determined today, has the sweetheart 😉

Na and my meeting with Guido Maria Kretschmer her may yes slowly backward know 😉