The Trenchcoat

The trench coat: Old love never dies! I wear it for years, cherish and care for both, while they cost even a few years ago a real narrow money. I just do what I did to him, my trench coat.

Never throw away!

Last year he spent in the attic, common calories animals had sewn him closely! But now he’s back with me and help me with this constant on-off-on-off that we owe the temperature fluctuations of thousands Grand, look good.

For a transitional jacket it is almost a bit too warm, because I prefer to take a cardigan, which I have repeatedly presented here.

This year there were a lot of I’ll call “indoor-Trench’s” what I mean, you see on the left picture here:

Here again slightly increased. I ride because so it around because these are so small miracles that make nix a nice style. The material is usually gefaktes suede and can be washed even prima!

Can you, but you do not so strictly carry with belt. Such a coat looks too open look good, you can combine in many ways…

Classics are things that are always good

Here are two really classic, this time single row. That’s again a thing that curvy women allegedly not wear double-breasted. I do not think that I have to hide it, but I understand also that a line in the center just makes a slimmer silhouette.

The best thing about fashion, in this case the shell, is and remains the fun. Suggestions, inspiration and ideas can be found here, but the fun is the most important thing. I think the pictures speak for themselves as we where shooting lots of them had right?