The Top 5 Plus-size Model

The Top 5 plus-size model:

Every industry has its elite. But how do you measure the top 5 plus-size model, is so a question. I would say that they good life can from their jobs and you see them often. Since we are unfortunately very quickly abroad. This is simply because that the models that are in the US and / or London under contract get more orders. More frequently photographed, thereby gaining more professionalism and at the end just simply dominate the market.

You’re one of the top 5 plus-size model if: You were on the cover of Vogue.

Well that is simple and that is actually the head of Vogue Italia succeeded. OK, these are now figures, most of whom dream. But let’s say so, the Vogue diet quasi invented and for which there is certainly a milestone.

Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, and Robyn Lawley graced the cover in June 2011. Robyn Lawley You might know as a model of Plus Size Line Violeta by Mango.

When I asked him what was in her life the beautiful day, the where she kept her Vogue cover in hand or their wedding, Candice replied: “That has also asked me the morning of our wedding my fiance.” Hah! I thought that was really a top response.

And it is certainly undeniable that, even when fashions change, Tara Lynn one of the top five is. That must have been really a hammer shoot at this hotel. Anyone familiar with the issue, know that there really hot here went.

Surely belongs to the Top 5 Plus Size Models Gallery also Crystal Renn, the model made a splash with her book “Hungry” on their way from size zero to plus size. She is now once again back hungry and again gefuttert in the Plus and to read more of dieting or not dieting more hours of it, to see pretty pictures. What a shame. Ultimately, it was she who has many opened the eyes of the model industry and the fashion circus and certainly some models has kept from starving to death. But you just do not put in it in the people. Photo Crystal Renn: © Simon and Schuster

This of course is the fact that:

You’re one of the top 5 plus-size model if: You’ve just take a good run.

When I started in 2010, with this website, which was clearly Candice Huffine. There was no TV spot, a catalog in which you were not number one. Candice was certainly a long time one of the best paid top 5 plus-size model and to a very nice person, like her in our interview can see.

Currently make Denise Bidot and Felicity Hayward pretty much in Europe. Felicity is in UK already a real It-Girl:

The length of it is not necessarily that all have in common, I can confirm that. Denise Bidot’m up to my chest, I’m 1.78 cm high. To conclude from this that the body length now plays no role in the Top 5 plus-size model, would be wrong. Denise Bidot was simply already known for their involvement in a TV series and envied her curves. It was only natural that she starts to mold.

What is all top 5 plus-size model have in common that they have a character who is called in English “good in shape”. A so-called hourglass, with me it’s X- figure and that is certainly so the thing, which many run after. In the advertising industry as a fashion figure is apparently also in demand. Since you can now again provide prima hen & egg question 😉

You’re one of the top 5 plus-size model if: You’re selected in voting

The magazine from the USA publishes charts. These are the current top 5 plus-size model and play a role in kleien Europe. What mainly because of that we get these trademarks here difficult.

What really quite pleased me. For Tess is simply a steeper tooth that breaks with just about every taboo and a genuine own type. But that’s just asked, though not as often. But Venus Diva she took it, I’m doing this to make. I like simple. To rank among the top 5 plus-size model, would be safely measured. It is easy to especially when they could have a worldwide commercial success, because it is not a mass market-ready.

What a good basis is generally to become famous, is also a model

You’re one of the top 5 plus-size model if: Your parents are famous

This applies to the three plus-size model for jeans: Mia Tyler, Hayley Hasselhoff and Sophie Dahl, who today writes cookbooks to. Everything plump girls with famous fathers. The must not now sooo pretty mega be (what you anyway can not argue) The fact is simply that celebrities bring the press and therefore they are frequently booked even in the plus size fashion shows.

You’re one of the top 5 plus-size model if: You are Germany’s Next Top Model

Do not you think? Then you Whitney Thompson look at. She won the tenth season of “America’s Next Top Model”, as the first plus-size model ever.
Of course, it must also be admitted Plus Size Ladies. But as the issue at the time, also in the German media, designed, I imagine the good.

Today it is not only well booked, but managed a models agency. In London 2014, it was next to Hayley Hasselhoff, the second celebrity.

So we summarize: many roads lead to Rome, but few in the top model Olympus.