The Silver Jeans Outfit Challenge: Today With Plus Size Model Daniela Sesay

Heard about this Jeans label Silver Jeans? The jeans from Silver Jeans are the clothing of our next challenge. Blogger Roxi Kleuter, fashion designer Katja Heidrich (mable), plus size model, photographer and blogger Daniela Sesay and model Silvana thinker will surprise us, as they styled their look to do this. You can be so very excited.

Silver Jeans – No Jeans Off The Rack

What exactly is behind Silver Jeans? Who is this and what can they do? So that you can make a good picture you, we want you these high quality jeans brand is present. They have a clue of what they are doing, because they make jeans for four generations – in other words: the Canadian company who really know well, when it comes to the denim fabric and fitting jeans.

The secret of their success is based on three ingredients. The one they “great fit”-Passform – Silver Jeans has designed a sophisticated fit concept, which every curvy woman can find the best jeans for your figure. There are also different models: straight, curve defined and well-defined curve. The second F stands for “great fabric”, i.e. top material. The denim material feels and feels different than many other jeans. It designed for Silver Jeans way, especially from leading fabric producers. That is not a commodity by the jeans bar. The third F stands for “great finish” or washing. Hell give jeans their trendy vintage touch until dark to Super dark washes. What is really impressive: each jeans is unique, because for the best vintage look any pants will be edited by hand! Then there are more ingredients like thick visible seams, Rhinestones, studs, eyelets and buttons that give the jeans their special look. The flattened S on the back pockets are the hallmark of Silver jeans.

Plus Size Model And Bloggerin Daniela In Silver Jeans – Challenge Accepted

“I have to make me very happy when I got the request with the outfit challenge. I was already very excited to what piece of clothing this time is and how much it will be a challenge. What can I say… I rarely have problems when it comes to combine the items of clothing. What is always a challenge for me, is the subject of pants! And which piece the love team of sense of form has come up???

A pair of pants!

But well, I like challenges. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

The pants came and I worry that I just don’t fit, because my belly and my thighs make a dash through the Bill me often. Very often, the length is (or rather the soon) a problem. But the Silver Jeans I was very surprised. I have to get high and very important also the pants without any problems!

She sat well on the thighs and the length was more than Super!

I had only two things that are not so well liked that one but quickly “could repair with some finesse”.

  1. The pants are too low cut for me on the stomach.Means my love handles were trying to cheat their way into the free over the waistband.So I put on my Waistshaper and the first “problem” was solved.
  2. This pants model is down too far for my taste.So, I transform my pants twice and combined a wedge heel ankle boot to.

First, I have tried the pants “un inside out” to combine. Each look was at the end for love, peace and harmony. What was really cool. Only, I’m not exactly the type who like to wear the Bohemian look.

But if you like the Bohemian look, flared pants and flowery blouse with fringe vest over it, where can I this jeans model only recommend. By the ablution in a slightly inspired earth tone suits the Bohemian look just as good to the pants as my slightly rockigerer look.

The Silver jeans, I have combined my favorite Turtleneck in dark blue, elected the belt matching the shoes and jacket in black. This that I the pants have turned, she got a boyfriend-style and relaxed the whole look up once again.

“My conclusion to the Silver Jeans: very good quality of the material produced, good fit and the length is perfect!”

You would like to your own creative style with Silver Jeans try out? Then the various plus size jeans models for curvy women look at friends – some jeans are in the sale. Have fun getting to know!