The Right Dress for My Figure

The right dress for my figure, yes there is, just as the right pair of jeans or the right bra. The only question is followed by measuring the word “right”.


Huhu and hello dear ladies,
I was a few days traveling and would like to say briefly that the ideas offered for the clothes are some inspiration, particularly for women who have difficulty in ever imagine in a dress. You may COURSE ALL WEAR! Particularly miss BARTOZ supports exactly that!
But I have also learned that many women do not properly deal with, because they think it would be to them not so long as they are thick. We give a little something to the hand, for example with the character types.

Readers of miss BARTOZ know that it comes to fashion and to enjoy fashion here. It is NOT about favorability. Personally, I have my own style and only found through a few crash landings, which I laugh now, but I also grab still wrong. Sometimes, because I’m too lazy, sometimes because I want to try something new. I think that can only be developed through such a trying out of their own style.

But there are a few tips along the way. One way is to find the cut that suits your figure. Perfect in this case, is “good for your figure.” In the figure types describes how you can you measure and I can from my own experience say that that’s necessary. So if you want what of this article, find out in advance which type you are.

If the same (as was, for example, my perception of me for a long time) not to as “O type” because you have a little belly. Women think too negatively of usually and often do not know that they for example have a waist. Yes, fat women have a waist, it is about the proportionality and not to the number of centimeters. But enough theory now times beautiful clothes:

The right dress for my X Figure:

Everything goes to waist. Just no Walla Walla. Wrap dresses are for prima course and belt. Yes, you read correctly, I would not have thought it possible, but belt can be worn with size 52 and more. Just try. This dress still in red is a super interface for hourglasses among you. You can safely choose Business Like a different color, but really wrong you can not order. That’s the right dress for your character, in the sense that it retraces your proportions and perfectly brings to validity.

The right dress for my H Figure:

For H-type always nice to emphasize the length and so to speak, the “H”.So along stripes, rather no belt, do not interrupt the silhouette. No great frills (think you once the glasses off, which is too much), but simple and smart. Since I am very close to this type off with a shot of X-figure that, I know that the right dress for my figure, the so-called shapers are the modern (actually were). So sooo high end fashion, it is no longer, but already one season old. But I swear that I wear the well again next fall. Shaper of Scarlett & Jo via evans
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One can the H-type, because the body shape is almost somewhat androgynous, but also female and with flounces and ruffles round modelieren. This is now a matter of taste. Only “Little Girls Tütteleien” should not be. That does not really fit to the type.

The right dress for my O Build:

Who of belts should rather leave all the fingers, is the O type. Thus one draws attention yes exactly there, where you do not want them. Nevertheless, the loosely falling Wrap dresses also do this type well. However, if your midsection is really big, it ends there at some point. Women in a lush middle, (please measure whether that is really broader than the shoulders and / or hips) should access to something that the middle optically stretches.

For example, a dress, in which the lower part is hoisted and as dark as possible. I just ordered myself one of Lipstick Boutique. Is still on the way from UK. Dress with a high-necked rock 91.90

The right dress for my A Figure:

Women with a broad basin can to optically reduce this somewhat, lead the eye. In the dress of Zizzi, the eye is automatically drawn up. Just as with the above dress for O FIG. The difference here is that the lower part is issued. Who here very well want to go the safe and its small box hide rather occupies Klei, which has a more solid rock, but exhibited some downward. The mold draws a silhouette gradually increases through the darker game away down a bit, the width of the pelvis. ♥ Zizzi Dress For A Figure 89.90 ♥

For both figures, A and O, I recommend to look something up in your face or décolleté to steer. For example, in order:

The right dress for my V Figure:

So a proper float figure. As one easily over rough. Many women with diesr so genanngen V character, so often conclude they should not be feminine. The exact opposite is the case. In order not to look even more boyish with xxl footwear, it just makes sense to dress more feminine. Unless of course you want to act as what is ok. Again, it comes back therefore to draw the eye, this time down. Top tranquil wild below (which you can interpret it as you want now, hah!) The dress goes up to size 56, even if it does not necessarily suggest the model 😉 Dress V-figure of Peter Hahn

What A OHV? D u do not know what we’re talking here. Then get to talk to your tape measure out and read here: Figure types

And the colors, you wonder? We here once deliberately chose very clear cuts and clothes, by which you can search for other dresses. Now you know where it should be dark and quiet and at what points should go it brighter and more interesting. Whether that is black and white, or pink and dark brown. The principle behind it should be clear now.