The Readers Styling in October

So, there we are, and it is still some space there! It can always be filed later without voting yes is now all more relaxed. (See text below the images)
you feel all invited to comment, criticize and applaud!

Well, who still remembers the dream wedding of Karolina? Here our Swiss is back, this time in white.

Karolina is 39 and a lawyer. Her statement: In the leather jacket-boots combo I was waiting eagerly in the summer. ūüėČ Autumn is Karonlinas dearest (Stylling) time. Oh and here her dream dress, it is the seventh picture, the Civil was similar fantastically.

After Switzerland it is internationally continue with Austria. Maggy: If, if I do not confuse, a hardworking commentator here at miss BARTOZ and has already had many discussions excited. I am glad that I (and you) they now see times!

Maggy is 20 and administrative staff. Because you is not enough, they studied the way Rechtswisschenschaften. Her statement: In the autumn I wear especially like warm tones and my beige trench coat is my everyday companion. Maggy also runs a blog: Maggy Writes

Miss Kittenheel: It is one or the other already known, not least perhaps by their own blog. My dearest companion autumn is a Porsche :-))

Miss Kittenheel is 42 years and has the fine profession of landscape architect. Her statement: Vintage with materials and patterns plus wink – a bit Brit Chic (k), a bit gaga, but with a lot of fun. You can find her blog, with information concerning the outfit and what it has with the Porsche on here: miss kittenheel

Dear Readers, it’s back, your outfit!
Participate, each having a size 42+, upwards there is no limit. Rejected is only those who missed the point, which is this time:


That can be a scarf, some boots, a trench or what his dream to you. The important thing is that comes out an outfit. The deadline is the 30.09.2015 (latecomers will be accepted) is Published on 10.01.2015

For the inclined reader, who often comes by here: the rules remain the same, however, there is no more profit. In the past, something has gone out of control and the idea became more and more into the background.

We want to represent many different women, and we hope many comments, inspirations and constructive criticism about everything you can think that way. A selection of the “best” outfits it will no longer exist. Nevertheless, should any like to write, which you like best.

In principle, I invite each high a picture of you, so please meet before the selection of your best photos. The image must be at least 620px wide.
I would also like to ask you to make subsequent four specifications. A bit of information about you makes it more interesting. If you do not want to specify your age, you can do it with “top … center …” describe.

  1. First name or your nickname
    2. Age
    3. Profession
    4. Your outfit described in one sentence

Do you have everything together, you send your picture and your information to:

What happens:
Your image, using only your first name or nickname, published with the information that you have made. Moreover, it is divided on the social channels of miss BARTOZ.

Rights: get the images from my “¬©” stamp, but remain your property and may wish, at anytime. The background: in the social networks are images of readers, as well as your friends and family shared, and will no longer be traced back. That would be a shame.

Tips for taking good pictures:
. 1 Let someone else take the picture of you.
. 2 Does it outdoors, in daylight.
. 3 Shoots quiet a few more and decide for the best.

If you lead your blog, like specifying the address. Mutual link is a matter of honor. Subsequent link, as before, no longer exists. The challenge now is to show many plus size outfits and like also yours.