The Plus Size Styling

Dear Readers,

Many of you who read along here for a long time, the styling of the week only want back. Your wish is my command.


When I went to the starting line in 2010, several women have spontaneously reported, wanted, sometimes indicate my place what. So that’s Plus Size Styling week emerged. This was and is a very nice feedback for my work and a sign of great trust on your part. Thanks again for that. Approximately two years you have especially the readers and from time to time I showed her style. In addition there was a short interview and a lot of feedback from readers of miss BARTOZ. Some are still in the archive at the stylings Plus Size seen.(You have to go a little further back.)

Then there were fewer and fewer had the desire, the air was out somehow. On top of that I had (half naked in front of a guinea pig cage) reject more and more pictures, due to poor quality or strange motives.


That’s all different now. Curvys are on the rise everywhere are increasingly models with curves in all clothing sizes to see. There is also hardly any poor-quality images, because even most cell phones today already take photos in HD quality and also came, just lately, more and more inquiries from regular readers, who want a return of such action.

Here we go again and this is new:

  1. The styling of the week is the styling of Montas
  2. There is now a motto
    motto is determined and announced about 10 days before the end of the current month for each month.
    From this time to upload your pictures to the motto, to submit by answering four small questions and then will released. The exact dates you should see in the posting to the current month. Before the end of the month the new motto will be announced and from when can submit it again.
  3. There is now a voting:
    Four years ago, there was a significant difference between the images taken with a professional camera and which were taken with a mobile phone. That was the reason why I can not vote at the end of the month.
    The voting takes place by the comment, thus eg “April miss” the chosen. I firmly believe that this will be a great action with you again and we will see many new women here. I’m already so gespannnnnnnt!
    Because, even that has, compared to two years ago, changed: miss BARTOZ has significantly get more and many new readers and I can only activate on Facebook via 8.tsd fans.
  4. There will also gain something:
    When the action starts well, I’ll definitely go with my partner shops for an outfit to knock a voucher etc..First, there is a small surprise packet from me. Winning is one that combines most votes. If necessary, I will expand later to other places, but now we’re only at times.

Selection and information:
Basically, I invite each high a picture of you, so please meet before the selection of xxl wide leg pants. The image must be at least 620px wide.
I would also like to ask you to make subsequent four specifications. A bit of information about you, makes it more interesting. If you do not want to specify your age, you can do it with “top … center …” describe.

1.First name or your nickname
2. Age
3. Profession
4. Your outfit described in one sentence

Do you have everything together, you send your picture and your statement to:

What happens:
Your image, using only your first name or nickname, published with the information that you have made. Moreover, it is divided on the social channels of miss BARTOZ.

Rights: obtain the images from my “©” stamp, but remain your property and may wish, at anytime. The background: the social networks are images of readers, as well as your friends and family, sometimes shared and are then no longer be traced back. That would be a shame.

Tips for taking good pictures:
. 1 Let someone else take the picture of you.
. 2 Does it outdoors, in daylight.
. 3 Shoots quiet a few more and decide for the best.