The Plus Size Collection of Carmakoma

So, quite forgotten. Only large announce (in the article on the new Zizzi collection) and then forget to upload pictures…

I like Carmakoma, even if they have not just invented the color. When I started more than three years, even Carmakoma was launched. I liked from the beginning their marketing. Natural, round women sevy and “normal” came along. A beautiful imagery without having to be always noted: Attention oversize.

Today, some brands are doing. The credo of Zizzi, also from Denmark, for example: Fashion has no size .And just as I like it. Whether all clothes so the burner are, well. The stripes I liked and a jacket according to Psyknowhow. But the point is that it produces FINALLY someone.

The short sweaters that come now that some will swallow. But better so than if trends are not at all or too late tackled because someone has thought that the curvy women something not believe so anyway.

Carmkoma can be ordered in Germany.

The Show 2015 took place in front of a hotel for Copenhagen Fashion Week. So there. Pretty daring in a northern city, but in the summer of 2014 (at least in some regions) that also had what. I found it overall to short and for a brand that is now sold internationally, as we say something to “Corny” in Hamburg. Then you have to give a bit more gas. Other hand, handing a good light. The bloggers and the press were indeed placed behind the catwalk, which so not really had meaning, but they have turned around sometimes that Carmakoma Models.

Here are a few Instagramies of the event.