The Perfect Kiss

How do I wear red lipstick? And what shade of Red is ever right for me? OUR SITE has requested from the experts. Plus: Our favorite lipsticks in red to the Nachshoppen

Tomato red

It pops! At least on the lips with lipstick “pop matte lip colour + Primer” in the nuance “Ruby pop”. Thanks to the contained active ingredients such as Shea and Murumuru butter, the lips are also smoothed out and maintained. By Clinique, 23 euros

Velvet Red

The lipstick “Luxe Lip Color Red Imperial” gives a velvety red with shiny finish to the lips and moisturized them at the same time. By Bobbi Brown, to 36 euro


The lipstick “pure color long lasting Lipstick” keeps very long and ensures an intense color result. The nuance of “Rose Tea” is a delicate pink with a gloss finish. By Estee Lauder, 28 euro


The lipstick “Rouge Interdit” protects the sensitive skin of lip with black rose. Our favorite: the nuance of “Fruity orange”, a rich orange-red. By Givenchy, 32 EUR

Strawberry Red

The lipstick “Rouge Ecstasy No. 301” brings to light up the lips and has a soothing effect at the same time. By Giorgio Armani, to 36 euro

Bright red

Conjures up a delicate shimmering light red on the lips: “Rouge Pur Couture Vermillion”. By Yves Saint Laurent, to 34 euros

Classic red

Marilyn says Hello! The lipstick “Joli Rouge Red Joli” gives a bold red lips. The included mango kernel oil ensures softness. Clarins, to 25 euro


Shows the lips in a deep Burgundy: “KissKiss Roselip Balm Red Hot” with nurturing Commiphora oil and hyaluronic acid. By Guerlain, 37 EUR

Fuchsia Red

Pink or red? The lipstick “shine lover French Sourire” can do both and leaves a shiny finish. By Lancome, for 29 euro

Brown Red

For a covered brown red on the lips: “Cremesheen lipstick dare you” with nourishing olive extract. By Mac to 22 euros

Blood red

The lipstick “Vice cream rock steady” provides a shimmering blood red on the lips. Babassu oil, jojoba and avocado make particularly soft. By urban decay, to 19 euros

Dark red

The lipstick “Diorling” shows the lips in a covered dark red with silky finish. By Dior, to 40 euro

Nothing is as timeless as red lipstick. The classic again and again on the new lives on just on festive occasions. However, when applying you must observe much and every skin type is also not every nuance of the red.

Delicate nuances such as rosewood or Peach can with blond hair, soft and natural effect the complexion with light skin. But just as knalligere colors suitable for the our site makeup in the evening. While the snow white type to a rich, red lipstick color is allowed access, red draw are mainly Orange nuances. With brown hair, however, almost any shade of Red compliments the darker skin types.

Celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn, who styles including stars such as Amber heard, Megan Fox and Kate Bosworth, shows step by step how you should apply red lipstick and reveals his personal tricks.

So it goes

  • Step 1: The lip contour with a lip liner, which is at least a shade brighter than the selected red lipstick color, trace, and emphasize the corners of the mouth. Tim Quinn prefers lip liner in nude.
  • Step 2: Apply red lipstick using a brush. So, the job is pretty accurate.
  • Step 3: A touch of gloss makes the lips shine. “I mix the lipstick color like gloss for a purer effect”, so the makeup artist.
  • Step 4: With a concealer on the lip line along patch possible impurities and a highlight in the heart of lip setting. This gives extra distance.

If you want to take a drink, would rather forgo gloss and choose a long-lasting lipstick. Or simply have a straw.