The Perfect Dress

Is not it so. Perfect Dresses namely have a hook, they can not see at some point because you are wearing them constantly. I am concerned at least.

This dress was immediately clear: this is mine. The cut is made easy as for me, but more than 60 euros for a dress without food, because I’m waiting times rather…

Three days later, it was sold out. I was annoyed so! While that is dark green anything but trendy, but I like the color and easy it is to me.
Besides, out of season is not out of fashion. A good clothes section is always trend.

After two weeks, it was to have again and many sizes were already sold out. I have placed the order “at rest” in the washroom of a bar. I wanted to annoy a second time.

And so it looks. Once a model, once me:

The dress I wear with a shaper or petticoat underneath. . Otherwise it stops so on poschie;-) I knew that beforehand and would have been almost the reason not to buy it
if you want to try it even once and ran stay, you can find it here: MY PERFECT DRESS

More about dress and some of my favorites can be found here: How did I get my clothes