The New Lifting

Colour & co. can much more than just color: you are the miracle weapon for a better complexion! Plus: the best skin care tips

Hairy affair – cheating now head thing?

According to the “John Frieda Factbook” 86 percent of the German brunette with the hair color with permanent colorants category help.

Afraid of water are dyed hair?

“Yes: on the one hand that can apply to such as semi-permanent colour like intense hues, which are more easily wash out over time – shampooing would be rare here more.” On the other hand, there are today a number of innovative, tailored to the individual nuance color protection products that support the pigmentation of the fibers during the personal care program from the outside and get up to the next date color to as much as possible so the desired audio”, as celebrity Hairstylist Harry Josh by John Frieda.

How to cheat a renewable approach away?

“Who can’t to the fresh-up in the salon, which can for example on the road with styling tricks disguise: it is enough to part the hair differently, in messy zigzag shape – that makes less hard the course soft and contrast”, advises expert Josh.

The marrying man

About 50 percent of blonde women in Germany, the hair dye for more than ten years (according to “John Frieda global Factbook”).

The dark dial

Online surveys of social platforms have shown that men prefer black hair–more than half wishes a dark-haired partner accordingly.

The signal color

Researchers tested the effect of hair color on men the Université de Bretagne-Sud. Among other things came out of it: the men feel by redheads rather intimidated, because they feel these women as especially confident and vivacious.

What must redhead when coloring look?

Red hair is stronger in the fibers than other colors his pigments. That makes the coloration that natural hair color not so easy – so previous bleaching (what sensitive hair but all the more strained) is a must, in order to change the type.

Dull complexion? It’s on the right hair tone!

Consulting is not good at the hairdresser but please curriculum vitae from childhood. It’s namely not, what dress style you have to determine the perfect hair color. But sure, if you’re a cool lady or a sultry diva – in skin tone. Special color consulting of Wella (from April, professional colorists determine the best sound for you: the hairdresser decrypts the individual nuance here with his expertise, as well as scientific expertise. To define your type, the hairdresser uses a Beratungsleitfaden with special color formula, taking skin tone, eye and hair color in the balance. What is new about it? The simple knowledge, making warm skin tones with cool hair colors for blasting and vice versa. It is the perfect contrast. Do you have ice-blue eyes and a cool porcelain complexion like snow white? Then you need a colorant with warm hues. Brown eyes and olive complexion? Colour & co. can much more than just color: you are the miracle weapon for a better complexion! Plus: the best skin care tips then you look much more awake, when your hair color cool (less red) is.

Round face? Contouring with hair color

What can makeup, the hairdresser can long! The contouring technique, place professionals targeted light and dark accents and create a more harmonious face shape. For round faces for example highlights the approach stretch visually the contour (€ 30, salon locator).

For a softer look:

Layage the latest method is L.A. – similar to like with a Balayage color accents are freely painted hand in the hair, but controlled: the lengths are spread on a flat surface backwards, to separate and distribute the colorant. Thus arises the sunkissed look with natural acting course highlights. And already it looks so relaxed like a surfer girl that lives under the Sun of Malibu in a good mood. Brown sound amplifier for dark-haired: color deepening end application “brilliant brunette deeper glow” by John Frieda, around 12 euro. Gentle cleaning: dry shampoo with color finishing pigments “color lustre dry cleaner” by Shu Uemura, 30 euros. Heat styling protection maintain color: two-stage spray with nourishing quinoa-complex “Ultimate color repair triple rescue” by Paul Mitchell, 30 euros. Easily and quickly work approach kaschierende concealer like “Root blur” by John Frieda, 4 shades, according to 18 euros, as of April

More rays: Tips and tricks for the neat colorant

I’m allergic to classical dyes. Are there any alternatives?

Yes, fortunately, because only that’s why as a gray mouse running around would be so unfair. For example, there are methods that rely on natural color concepts such as the ‘Yo color system’ by Kemon: It is to prevent allergies by it completely abandoning irritating content and fragrances such as for example ammonia. Instead include the mild dye a protective base of yogurt and more care ingredients such as flaxseed and honey from organic farming (from 40 euro).

I have beautiful hair – there color that gently underscores that?

Who is blessed with a great natural hair color, can get out of course even more. This is “soft grading” from Schwarzkopf Professional. A multi tonal gradient is created with natural nuances, combining several matching the tone nude tones in the length. Harmonious light accent is still brighter brains (as of 40 euro, schwarzkopf professional. de / Salon Finder )).

Can I protect my hair when dyeing at the same time?

Our speech: Safety first! So the Schopf doesn’t look like dyeing such as straw, the motto: better care when dyeing. “Fibreplex” by Schwarzkopf Professional (from 20 euro, schwarzkopf professional. de / Salon Finder) or “Olaplex” (from 20 euro, are intensive booster, which are added during the dyeing process. “Fibreplex” is to smooth the hair fiber and seal “Olaplex” regenerates attacked disulphide bonds again, which minimizes hair breakage.

How can you bridge the time between hair appointments?

Of course, you can’t win the race with the hairline. But you can extend it – with the new veneering tactics, talk with hair powder. Easily and quickly work approach kaschierende concealer like “Root blur” by John Frieda (4 gradations, according to 18 euros, as of April), whose two matched Nuancen provide full cover with a few strokes of the brush.