The New Barbie Has Belly And Hips

There they stand, smiling at the camera and can hardly believe themselves: Barbie and her girlfriends, who are allowed to reflect for the first time in their lives, that not all people are thin Supermodels.  The Barbie is now available in four different body shapes: tall, small, curvy – and, of course, continue to be the ‘classic’ Barbie form.
For a long time, the toy manufacturer has been criticized for the fact that his dolls define a certain type of figure as”normal”, and can play an unhealthy relationship with their own body. The new dolls are the first step in a new direction:”We have a responsibility to face girls and parents with a new perspective on beauty,” said Evelyn Mazzocco, manager of Mattel.

Of course, a toy manufacturer does not make it out of pure human love, but to make money with it. Perhaps you would not want to be ruined by the competition doll Lammily, who has always put on a healthier body image, the business.
But this is actually the real good news: it can now earn more money by showing real and different figurines than with the old”So should women look” model.
The new Barbies will be available in the spring in Germany.