The New Authenticity

Graphical lines in black, sharp lip contours and colorful eye shadows: makeup artist Loni Baur told us the trends for spring and summer 2017. Plus: The most exciting looks of the current shows

Loni Baur is not only top make-up artist for Chanel, but also international fashion week backstage on the spot. Also the fashion week in Berlin can they not to be missed. Together with Catrice cosmetics makeup guru has developed 2017 looks for the spring/summer collections – for example by Malaikaraiss. We talked to the beauty professional about the coming trends.

Our site: What about your especially at the Berlin fashion week? What is Germany’s capital city to the metropolis of fashion?


Loni Baur: compared to Paris and New York, Berlin is much smaller and more personal. The young designers are very innovative and each comes with its own vision. I am often overwhelmed by the perfectionism of the designer. The materials and finishes of fashion is very special. Of course we are guided by all the international fashion business, but the German fashion industry must never hide. There’s this incredible talents, and I think it’s very nice to meet many familiar faces. We know everyone and everyone wants to give his best.

OUR SITE: The beauty looks of the shows are often very extravagant. What trend is indeed in everyday life?


Loni Baur: In the upcoming season, it comes to the personal Street styles for the catwalk “upgrade”. Therefore, all looks are very suitable for everyday use. One can say that 2017 will deal with in the spring/summer a mixture of precision and individuality. The reduction to the essentials is the center of design in the field of makeup. Makeup must ensure the authenticity of beauty these days. The styles of the catwalks symbolize what women in real life really want to wear. It is the result of an individual decision which was done with conviction.


Our site: What follows after contouring, strobing, baking & co.? What make-up techniques will be needed in the next season?


Loni Baur: Capitalizes the desire for authenticity. The designer would like to maintain the individuality of models and to press them not a matching look. This new authenticity of makeup looks is noticeable also in the techniques. In the execution of the make-up, it often involves a feeling that should be taught. It’s nice when makeup is not perfect and it falls out of the mold. We want to feel skin and see moles and freckles. And we love wild eyebrows! To do this, everything is correct, what happens from commitment – individual accents that are subject to any classification. It must be worked so much with your fingers.

Preview: The top trends for 2017


Loni Baur has told us the key beauty trends for the next season.


The color black


Loni Baur: “black, graphic lines decorate, emphasize and accentuate the eyes. Whether washed out under the lower lashes, as sharp eyeliner or only as a fine line on the waterline – is the color black as eye-make-up no longer become indispensable.”


Psychedelic shade


Loni Baur: “people who like it rather delicate and colored, the can this season like a pastel color on the eyelids type. It’s also hip to combine two or three colors. The eye shadow texture should be definitely powdery and matt. Occasionally dive also Rainbow-like color effects through the use of glitter at the eyes or eyebrows. This trend reminiscent of the color of a microscope.”


The new nude


Loni Baur: “individuality! The models inspired by her own look, in their own way. The street style of the models is brought in relaxed manner on the catwalks. The nude look is personal so by small individual characteristics. “Whether it’s a interactive eye makeup is almost worn or a diffuse lip contour is allowed, what feels good and confident makes.”

From 28 June to July 1, 2016 the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin will take place for the 19th time. Their collections for spring/summer present Lena Hoschek, Dorothee Schumacher & Co. in the capital city of 2017 and OUR SITE is for you on the spot. With us you get info to the designers and their shows, guest stars and models, as well as to the most beautiful Street styles of Berlin fashion week in the summer 2016 firsthand. Go to the big special!