The Navabi Blogger Event

A handful of our favorite UK bloggers have met to take a first look at the navabi collection Fall/Winter 2015.

We will give you an exclusive look behind the scenes of our event, where our favorite fashion bloggers in London took a look at the new navabi collection. Our purchasing manager and the chief designer have prepared a special presentation in which the bloggers also had the opportunity to try out a few parts of the collection.

As the sun set over the rooftops of London, our glamorous bloggers entered the WGSN building for an evening of fun and fashion. After being received by the navabi team, the fashionistas were able to get to know each other with a glass of champagne and delicious tapas, including tempting Spanish meatballs, chorizo ​​salami and spicy olives. Although many of the bloggers were already friends, both online and offline.So for them a great opportunity to spend a great evening together and talk about the navabi collection.

After the reception the blogger girls were finally presented by our chief designer Christine Shaw and our shopping manager Cheryl Coucher finally the hotly awaited collection. To illustrate the genesis of the navabi collection, Christine and Cheryl have brought Moodboards and fabric samples. They went into the material selection, but also talked about the work in the studio and the process from the idea to the finished design. Passion and precision – the key to success.

After the presentation was finished, the most beautiful pieces were put into the round, so the bloggers were able to touch the collection in the truest sense of the word. When looking at the Bouclé jacket, it was quickly clear that this will be a giant hit.

It was not long before the first parts were tried on and the favorite looks were posted to Instagram.

The Photos Of The Bloggers

Felt Coat In Bicolour Design With Lace

After wearing this coat, I did not want to take it off. In fact, it was not easy for me to have someone try it on. It’s really my dream coat.

Coat With Asymmetrical Hem In Berry-Lilac

I love absolutely every part of this collection and if it were going, I would exchange it for my entire wardrobe. What I like most about is the magnificent use of the materials and the versatile color palette. And that comes from someone who usually carries black.