The Most Famous Plus-Size Woman In The World

The statue of liberty is perhaps the most seen woman in the world and also the most famous plus-size woman in the world. We have calculated their size just to make sure.

Decorating the New York skyline since 1886, it is one of the world’s most famous measurement points. And with a waist measuring just over 10 meters (more on that later), and a shoe size of 9045, she is the world’s most famous plus-size woman-even if she is made of copper. We would like to tell you some interesting facts about the wonderful plus-size lady, whom we know as a freeness statue.

What Is The Size Of The Liberty Statue?

Many websites indicate the waist size of the Liberty statue at 10.66 meters. We dip a little deeper and discover that this is not quite correct. The width of her waist is 10.66 meters including clothing, but for the waist size one measures the circumference and not the diameter.

In order to determine their current waist size, we need to take the diameter times 2 and thus reach their dress size (or stool size to remain historically correct). From this, we conclude that their waist size is around 21 meters. With a size of just over 33 meters it is almost 20 times the size of the average woman in 2015. And with her waist size, this would be a garment size 46 with a size of 1.75 meters.

We allowed ourselves a little fun and exchanged her stole for one of our favorite navabi clothes.

Five more facts about this gorgeous plus-size woman

  1. She Is French

That is why it is so elegant. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to America to celebrate 100 years of American revolution and to show the friendship between the two countries. She arrived in New York in 1886, but before that, her head was presented to the world exhibition in Paris in 1878.

  1. She Is A Roman Deity

It may be of French origin, but the Statue of Liberty actually represents the Roman divinity of liberty, Libertas. Her neoclassical style reflects this ancient heritage, but her face is said to be modeled after the mother of the sculptor, Charlotte.

  1. It Is Symbolic

The Crown of the Statue of Liberty is not just a fashion statement. It has seven spines representing the seven oceans & continents of the world-symbolizing the ideal of universal freedom. It is known as a torch which stands for progress. But perhaps you have not yet noticed that the statue of liberty holds in her other hand a tablet, which was known in Romans under the Latin term”Tabula Ansata,” a kind of writer. Their version bears the date of the American Declaration of Independence-July 4, 1776.

There is hardly any other detail, except when one approaches the Statue of Liberty. A broken chain lies at their feet, which stands for the loosening of the fetters of slavery and thus for a new life in freedom. On this point, their right foot is a little further ahead, which stands for the forward movement into the new freedom.

  1. It Is Useful

The Statue of Liberty is not only a symbol of American freedom, it also has some practical purposes. Between 1886 and 1902 it was used as a lighthouse, whereas nowadays it is an important tourist attraction in New York.Four million visitors go up the 354 steps to their crown each year for an incredible view of the New York skyline.But it is no longer permissible to enter the torch. It was destroyed by the Germans in 1916 and since then it has been called “forbidden”.

  1. She Has A Twin

Hundreds of twins actually. From the Strip in Las Vegas to Tokyo: Cities all over the world have replicas of the Statue of Liberty, but the most famous stands on the Île aux Cygnes in Paris-a lasting reminder of the French gift to the Americans. Needless to say, that this woman in the modemetropole New York is just right!