The Little Black Dress

The little black dress, one of the great classics that belong in every wardrobe. Whether with or without sleeves, sometimes I interpret everything well all around and so my negligee, but that’s another topic 😉
For the coming autumn days and the many celebrations at the end I decided for one with a great neckline. Something like that I had to talk as a shell and wore it until it fell apart. By this I remembered.

Anyone who knows me for some time, knows that I am for breaks in style and so a chic dress just does not arise in a chic environment. Has something stinky in the corner, the result was worth it.

The little black dress really means a cocktail dress without sleeves. Invented it, the revered me Coco Chanel. That was 1926. Coco Chanel may have not really thought of plus-size model, but like about her is that she has pulled through against all odds their thing and not only has to be right at the end, but really became a legend. Such stories like me. I Think about how it was five years ago and where I am today. Well, Coco Chanel, I’m not, but go against all odds my way that I can sign.