The First Japanese Plus-Size Magazine

Discover what makes “La Farfa” so influential. Japan’s first plus size modem magazine puts the traditional notions of beauty to the test by giving curvy women a voice.

The magazine “La Farfa”, which appears every two months, is the first fashion bible of its kind. It celebrates the beauty of the curvy women, gives styling advice, shopping tips and shows playful photo-prints. Since Japanese women are actually known for their very slim figure, the plus size market in Asia is not yet very present.

As a pioneer in Japan, “La Farfa” wants to influence international thinking about plus-size fashion. The mission: to encourage people to take more curvaceous women more acceptance. The magazine has a passionate community of readers who celebrate beauty in all shapes and sizes.

In addition to the inspiration aspect, the magazine convinces above all through its unique shopping guide. Especially in Japan curvy women are not easy when it comes to shopping. Many plus size women do not know where they can find beautiful clothes in their size. In this way, La Farfa has created a very special shopping guide specifically for this target group.

In addition, the “Style Advice” column encourages her readers to celebrate their curves. The magazine wants to convey a positive body feeling, without referring to diets, whether for weight reduction or other. Harumi Kon, chief editor of La Farfa, states:

Women can look great regardless of their weight. In our opinion, people should not be judged according to their figure.

When the magazine celebrated its first birthday, the readers reacted with anticipation. But his meteoric rise was not neglected by society. The Curious Pioneers have given their own nickname: Instead of talking about Plus-Size, they call themselves lovingly Marshmallow Girls. They want to counteract the negative term “bold” from society.

These disagreements have led to further discussions on the subject of Plus-Size. But Goto Seina, one of the models from the magazine, has the perfect answer:

Of course everyone has a different opinion. People say, for example, ‘You’re a pig’ or ‘You’re fat’. But the term Marshmallow girl makes me personally happy. ”

This magazine is not interested in hiding corners. On his pages, it shows models that pose confidently in bikinis, absolutely revolutionary for this country.

And this revolution will be continued during the magazine’s first fashion show. For this purpose, readers have chosen to represent the magazine on the catwalk. Real women who love their bodies walk along the catwalk and wear stylish clothes that highlight their figure and personality.

With all the positive response, other fashion brands have also taken the initiative. The popular Japanese lingerie label Pocha Kawabura has added larger cup sizes to its range. The Plumprino brand offers more ready-to-wear sizes to achieve greater reach.

This mini-revolution in the fashion world has also made before the music business does not stop. The sensational pop band Pottya consists of five Japanese female singers with beautiful curves. After they have always been back in front of such themes, the band asked at a press conference: “Why can not we be idols with curves?”

With this great advance from Japan, we can only hope that the Plus-Size revolution will also affect the rest of the world.