The Brigitte Plus Size Range

“MODE: the new clothes for the winter – Great Looks in large sizes”

It says so on the title of the latest print edition of Brigitte .

Oh super, as the new coats, neat Tangerine and perhaps the new knitting trends are then determined treated. Maybe there’s something beautiful in my favorite color Petrol thereby. buy equal times and down on the sofa with it.

Not even close. The route starts with this Apartem image and then it’s five pages in black on. Eyliner-classical, Guinea Fowl Tiefschwarz, pitch black, and a very great new black, which no known! So it but nobody has ever come safely.

About the imagery of the route can not be argued well. This is a matter of taste. Whether this is pure, grunge, or trendy is, to me it was compared to other fashion spreads somewhat carelessly and deliberately “Today we do something progressive” before. But that’s a personal opinion. I am neither a stylist, even art director and of current fashion photography others have more idea than I do.

Black is a noble color that everyone loves to wear and combined. This is not a question. Holds all my socks, for example black. I’m concerned all can always wear only black. If they want it then. Many fat women is not therefore recommended black, because this is such a noble and horny color, but because it makes you slim.

BUT: when the topic opens the largest (by circulation) women’s and fashion magazines large sizes, I expect a little more. Namely exactly what is on the title.

I go back often to this publishing house and see the many coat rack with clothes. Sure, there is only about 1.5% size 42+ thereby. But I also know that this house (still) an army of fashion editors (compared to other editors) provides that know very well that it is now almost universal trends in another garment 42 is also available in large sizes beyond the and – they prove so in the remaining fashion spreads – the current trend is quite different:

I know of several brands, with whom I work closely, that they have a small or XXL Black problem. Since the scarlet can still so much light, the emerald green even so much caress the pale skin and the Orange still so fresh autumnal and come along. Black remains in large quantities, the selling color number one.

At the same time, the same marks are not afraid to participate in a kind of change and to move their customers to more color and variety in their wardrobes and their lives. So to do exactly Undo what many fashion houses have propagated decades. And why? Because we now have the Internet and we no longer have to take what you can find in the store front for us.

Two Euro Eighty I paid for the book. Two Euro Eighty costs the coffee-bar in my favorite cafe (incl. Biscuit) There I will now invest that amount again and me of progressive magazines like Missy Magazine can show a different world and, inspired by the Quest, which also ausliegt there leave. And if that does not all knocks me, I look just at the people walking by who do it always.

For me, the Brigitte shot with this route permanently in the secure Zeitgeist off.