The Biker Jacket

Some years ago the first biker jacket in a shop Plus Size emerged, I have been amazed. That was exactly of the me, the fashion industry has been discouraged, because one sees the poschie! Until now it was always nice hide, let everything hang down long. Even more surprised had me at the time that these jackets suddenly wirklick each a plus size store. For me they made at that time marked a turning point in the fashion industry for large sizes. Today, they have in some collections supplanted the Blazer and the right cut will see the really great from.

Biker jackets made of genuine leather in large sizes

You see already, in terms of material itself has a lot done. I guess just once, that now that the biker jacket so strongly enforced even in large sizes, is finally produces times in leather. Maybe it just took a while, but the selection is now greater.

A biker jacket is not always black

Here I have also at times a. But It’s been a while. I think that is … forever. To outfit article here on the blog.

There are also a new one. The jacket, which you take to bed, so a purchase that has times really tasted what and the next decade will delight my heart.

What about you? As it carries out its your biker jackets and what you like about it?