The Big Plus of This Year (Bye American Apparel, Hi Nancy Upton)

I plead absolute fan of Nancy Upton already. For me it is a genius in power, a person with a tremendous irony and a personal acceptance that obvious. She alone was enough to explode for airs them the campaign of American Apparel in which they were looking for a model XL in response to the incorporation of this size to your catalog.

The American brand renowned for a narrow and tight fitting was looking for his new Muse on your own website. In it women with curves, well pretty will see most, and with reasons more than enough to win. The irony is in who stands with the first place and how.

There is where Nancy Upton with a photograph of the more grotesque. She sat in front of the refrigerator eating ice cream in two maxi tubs and pouring syrup by the face and chest. Although the photo on the right, in the pool, with a chicken in the mouth is the most. It has a 4.39 average about 5 Note. It is the first of 991 candidates. Coincidence?

She says having a size 12 and & #8220;You can not stop eating“.

All this emerges as a protest by the campaign of American Apparel. This created its own tumblr, called ‘ That ’ s Not Our Demographic ‘, including another DART poisoned to the brand and its motto not to cover the public in their collections, already famous for posts like this.

Against the idea of posing as the most glamorous, artificial and touch-ups, Nancy Upton opts for the opposite side. It is fantastic. A critique of the foolishness of this world of fashion that explodes from the inside to win the contest of a false trade mark in its policy, and only interested in adapt when there is social pressure, not before.

Without being a fashion editorial, as such, is the biggest thing that I’ve seen (and remember) this year. Not the best Vogue Paris.

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