The Best Weddings

Gülcan Kabeer and Sebastian Kamps were married in the TV, Liz Hurley and her millionaire celebrated a week: the most spectacular weddings plus photos!

9 DITA von Teese and Marilyn Manson

December 2005: Your appearance according to the wedding of the two Eccentrics was slightly creepy. The naked model and the shock-rocker swore eternal allegiance on the painter Gottfried Helnwein’s Irish Castle. Max Raabe recited the piece “My heart is yours”. 9th place!

8 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

November 2006: For months shouted Tom Cruise his love for Katie Holmes in the cameras. When he finally was allowed to marry her, he wanted to rest. Impossible: Half Rome was locked, security guards and stars as far as the eye can see. The marriage ceremony lasted 15 minutes after Scientology rules then just. 8th place!

7 Katie price and Peter André

June 2005: pink throne armchair with gilded seats, zwiebelförmige carriage and a pink dress with fake diamonds – looked like the most beautiful day in the life of the two. The wedding went as most embarrassing celebrity wedding in the history. The matter was (unfortunately) still spectacular. 7th place!

6 Verona Feldbusch and Franjo Pooth

May 2004 – will not do more Romance: In the Viennese Stephansdom, the advertising icon Verona married their Franjo. A pink horse-drawn carriage took the couple in front of 300 guests from the Church. Verona of field Busch’s hilarious giggle listen quiet nights still in Vienna 6th place!

5. Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar

March 2007: 1001 nights is nothing! This couple could no longer stop the marriages and celebrated his love for a week in India. The Indian millionaire rode up on a white horse, accompanied by conch horns and mantras. 5th place!

4. Sir Elton John and David furnish

December 2005: British law for gay couples was only one day into force, because, the longtime couple promised the eternal loyalty. Cost: $1.5 million. Your registrar Clair Williams has Prince Charles and Camilla married. 4th place!

  1. Liza Minelli and David Gest

March 2002: The Diva and the producer were media 3.5 million dollar jump – according to Forbes one of the most expensive wedding ever. A year later they separated. Michael Jackson was best man, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Donald Trump, and Anthony Hopkins among the 200 guests were. 4th place!

2. Rainier III. of Monaco and Grace Kelly

April 1956 – the “wedding of the century”: the actress was called from there to Gracia Patricia Princess Grimaldi. More people in front of the TV as the wedding of the Queen sat down for the fairy tale event in St. Nicholas Cathedral. Grace Kelly died in 1982, making the thing looking back even more tragic. 2nd place!

  1. Prince Charles and Diana Spencer

July 1981 – the true “Wedding of the century”: as Diana Spencer with her eight-meter-long train through the Church, 750 million people in 58 countries in front of the TV SAT. What ended the tragic story of the teacher and of the heir to the throne, is known. No discussion: 1st place!

Spend an average of 12,000 euros German bride and groom for your most beautiful day – normal income earner can only hope that it remains at a wedding. In the glittering world of the stars is married to other standards. It must be glamorous, pompous, media and Super romantic.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills

It will be stupid if the divorce is ten times as expensive as the wedding, as in the case of Paul McCartney: he has spent proud 3.5 million dollars for his marriage with Heather Mills and after the separation geblecht semi 50 million. DITA von Teese, Grace Kelly and co.: the ten most spectacular weddings, see our picture gallery!