The “Back To Work” – Chic

The summer is officially over. Our tan has faded, the sandals are packed away and the cocktail slur on the roof terrace of a bar is only a blurred memory.

The start of a new season is always exciting. And the October is a great way to get a little update on your wardrobe. Start with your “Back to Work” wardrobe.

As much as we love our short shorts, we have to stand by that we secretly long for our cozy woolen shorts and cashmere sweaters. Our small guide is designed to help you to get straight, but well dressed through the work week.

The New
Power Suit

Just replace your suit against a modern Culotte-Blazer combination. The blazer of this navabi outfit in the waist sits flattering and feminine, emphasizing the narrowest part of your body, while the loosely falling Culotte gently caresses your legs. An elegant top finishes the look. A stylish working day is now nothing more in the way.

Styling Tip: Combine a belt to the culotte to stage your waist. To the fashionistas: Try a patterned Culotte as a stylish variant of the H/W trend.

The Style Ensemble

Simple, high-quality and easy to combine: this stylish ensemble proves how easy it is to create an elegant look without having to spend hours in front of the mirror. All you need is a narrow-cut trousers (a must-have any office wardrobe), a printed blouse for the “wow effect” and a pair of simple high heels. Et voilà, a chic office outfit is compiled in just a few seconds.

Styling Tip: Do not wear two different prints together, which can make the silhouette appear more powerful than it is. Instead, choose “Less is more” with this professional look, which strengthens your self-confidence and allows you to master all challenges.

The Little Red

Let the little black cling to his coat hanger. Instead, this burgundy dress is now on top of our wish list. With its classic cut-out, the casually relaxed sleeves and an elegant knee-length, it is a versatile and absolutely timeless investment. It accompanies you from the business brunch to the next board meeting to the evening drink with your colleagues.

Styling Tip: Perfect from head to toe: this also includes top manicured fingernails. Choose a clean white or match your nail polish with your outfit. A deep Burgundy, for example, is very popular this fall.