Tankini – Bikini – Fatkini?

Tankini? Bathing dress? Swimsuit? Bikini? Burka? Swimwear’s really such an issue. What you wear as so on the beach? Then even colleague Gaby Fresh came with her Blogger collection the Fatkini around the corner. One type tankini / bikini XL Ding. Pretty hot box, more on that below.

Swimwear is a great subject because it always has to do with happy memories, also earlier than you even built castles and mostly with holiday. It starts with the details. Sunglasses, hats, slippers. That’s small stuff, with which one can get out on the beach a lot from his outifit.

Swimsuits, beach dresses, tankinis and bikins high quality finds her all year at navabi: Designer fashion from size 42 who wants it cheaper to go bonprix or ASOS.DE. The also have nice things. There is, even in large quantities, now a wide range of swimwear and who no longer wearing oversize has long been in grandma Achen to the pool.


So I’m Tankini – become a fan. Correct and swim a few laps, but there is a sports swimsuit. But on the beach in the sea is called for rather splashing. Tankinis are now available in such sections that no longer slip out the bacon rolls, if that is not desired. I have these (he is in the sale) of ASOS.DE bought both bikini and with Tankini. The good thing about such a two-part, I find that you buy two. Because then you can also exchange times.

Most recently, there is at Adler Plus Size a tankini, the more colorful a set in holiday mood sometimes:


Despite Tankini fan, I slammed on a sale action and granted me a swimsuit. I just stand on these spots and these retro style. He is now out of stock. But there is in the style also another (right)

Both retro and even pull some nice tracks, has Evans on. There you will find beach dresses, tankinis, bikinis and a wide selection of swimsuits in oversize. Side note: Evans says it is always good with the cup size.Better order a smaller cup size.


What I like to swim a total of clothes, this touch towards retro.
A trend that began a few years ago and is becoming increasingly popular. I had years ago about 4 times is one of Land’s End. That was a great job, but somehow too heavy. After a time, then wear located in the closet. He will next verkreiselt.
But Lately I had some only slightly different cut and the skirt still there in his hand, which had been working like normal swimsuits.


The topic has colleague Gaby Fresh revived. In the US, often collections of bloggers are done, Gaby has but definitely shot down with her Fatkini the bird.

Who asks now, who should carry the, who was told the entire collection was sold out in one week. And Gaby has even made it to the news. Seems a serious thing to be if fat girl to throw in a bikini 😉

A similar section and also with video, is the bikini of swimsuits for all. Their swimwear produced more or less up in infinite sizes.

miss BARTOZ Tip: If you also lingerie and swimwear 2014 interested, please to our TV Ber custody , there you can find all the clips.

Who clicked because of the stunning title on the home should be rewarded. Denise Bidot that we have presented you several times is simply amazing and swimwear model Forever21 PLUS. Who lives in Munich, is lucky, because the chain has an entire floor Plus Sizes, in Berlin there is a small corner. The rest shoppt online. ♥ Forever 21 Bikini in Plus Size Top: 12.90, pants: 11,90


And now to level two when it comes to swimwear: look good at the pool bar. D ies are some examples of casual bathing and beach clothing of www.sheego.de.

What else do you need? True, a large cloth for several years called pareo. I so a cloth always. Can you sometimes sit on. At the end of the summer, it is then usually become somewhat unsightly solar milk and ice.

Styles you love have me for a very extensive ♥ linen binding guide send.

Who has not fiddle it so with and tie, takes a finished dress. So one thing you can from an airy fabric quite simply do sewing:

Your husband, friend, brother needs a bit more on the beach?

This is actually a website for curvy women. Increasingly, but I will ask if I did not sometimes have a tip for the lords of creation. Before it comes to that, that your dearest appears in too narrow a swimsuit on the beach, I have researched better times. BigTeX leading swimwear for men with large sizes up to 10XL, which should fit then it 😉 You can find there also bathrobes for men in large quantities, might be what for Christmas or the next spa vacation.

For whatever you decide, clearly is quite possible that the man will not look awkward at your side with too scarce Büx, as we say in Hamburg. I wish you a nice vacation!