Summer Dresses

Girls, summer arrives, the wedding, Taufen-, Summer Event time is coming and it is time for nice clothes!

Here is a small selection of what has come to me so below.

This is now time not so what you would expect at first glance for May. But just think on… the left can be with silbernenen sandals combine the right with gold and already the outfit’s done wonderfully. This is in the middle of Ronen Chen, an innovative designer who is currently getting almost exclusively here. Not for everyone, but I think it’s good when extravagance has a place among the big sizes.

Now it is but fresh. The left maxi dress I will certainly look at one or another site on the subject of weddings. It is really fantastic, drapes beautifully, is two-ply and you can not go wrong with. Especially not at the price.

Classic and playful that fits well together. With a Etuischnitt and progressive print, all at very reasonable prices 29-49 euros and good quality, until the summer of 2017. Ok, first it has to start somewhere times ūüėČ

On the Hippie style and hopefully sunny summer festival, these models come along. The left with the big leaves could also style your good office-friendly.

Violeta is the Plus Size Brand of Mango and for some time they also produce to 54. Attention! Take everything one size larger, I have the things in Holland wore it was all a size too small.

May when we talk about clothes the Rockabellas not be missed…