Summer 2015: See Rery’s Plus Size Collection

We have not even gotten used to the cold and the summer 2015 collections have already begun to sell … GREAT! So, at least, we are already dreaming of a plus size collection full of colors and wonderful prints.

Rery ‘s collection for summer 2015 is one of those that have come out of the oven and is SO beautiful that makes you want to buy everything and wear it in stockings and coat in the cold even, you know ?! Hua hua hua hua jokes, but it would be great because the pieces are the way I like it: with models that favor our body (like floral dress with cut evasé ), super cheerful colors and pieces designed for both day and night .Thank you!

What I like about Rery is also that, as you can see from the photos in the catalog, it has the “common” collection (with sizes up to 44) and the Class collection (sizes over 44), but the two are super Similar, follow the same line.It is proof that, yes, we plus size can use the same things as a person’s common numbering.And why not, right?!

Ah! It is worth mentioning that Rery Class modeling is WELL great . I usually seen 48/50 in plus size stores and there my dress size and overalls are P.

Look at the wonderful collection that awaits us in the summer of 2015:

Direct links for you to check prices and details:

Well, Rery’s clothes are always very well made and with great fabrics. Of those that last a lifetime – I have a shirt from there 5 years ago, I washed it about 50 times and it never lost its color!

So, did you enjoy the summer 2015 of Rery Class? What do you think of plus size clothing? Tell me everything in the comments.