Styling Tips for Small Women

Styling Tips for Small Women: The most important advance: Small is not just small, on the proportions that count. More on this in the figure types. All that is here, as always, a suggestion. You can clothe you, as you want and you will find great. Who just is however looking and a bit want to reinvent that reads simply times further.

Styling tips for small women to appear larger

    • Tone-on-tone combinations are ideal. The body is not optically halved and it ensteht a harmonious silhouette.
    • Even when it comes to an optical stretch in the length, to show who has nice legs, for example, with a short skirt.
    • A few centimeters leg optically cheat on this? Contributing to best high-collared coats and trousers, the leg is extended. (Optically :-))
    • If the account, for example, a big belly (O-type) is not as optimal as the skirt also extend tights in the same color the leg.
    • Skinny jeans or bootcut jeans are your jeans cuts.
    • If your legs are longer than your upper body and this bothers you, you can optically compensate him something in which you combine short blazers, jackets or boleros.
    • You should wear whatever length shaft. These are for example:

– Lange, fine chains and scarves
– plackets
– V-necks
– and of course paragraphs.
– Ambitious Haarre you stretch also.

Styling Tips for Small Women: The rather not wear

    • Maxi dresses and long skirts. Unless it is a ball, rather not, because it sink small women quickly. Check WeddinginFashion for plus size wedding dress.
    • Bright trousers, dark shell? Not a good choice, as the body is optically divided into two halves. This is disadvantageous and unfortunately stretches not.
    • Pants: Similar to the long dresses sink small women in wide pants, baggy pants, boyfriend jeans, harem pants, 3/4 pants also peevish for you.
    • Pay attention to the length of pants: If the seam is already on the shoe, you shrink visually.
    • Tuck do nothing for the length.
    • Likewise, low-heeled shoes and, incidentally, over knees.

So, it all again just as a tip. Please do not shy away from horizontal stripes, which is a very nice and fresh patterns, even if it makes you less. Well, you know what you are doing;-)

So it’s of course…