Styles of Dress for Wedding

A wedding with style knows very well itself, the most important in choosing your wedding dress, is that you have clear what is your body type and the area or areas of this you want to highlight or hide.

The task of finding dress perfect, is the first in what he thinks a wedding, as his greatest desire is to see spectacular that day. Chosen fabric colors, may accentuate or reduce parts of your body by what you think in details that highlight your figure, as attention on the bust if you have big hips or visually focus attention on the waist if your shoulders are wide. Don’t use heavy fabrics or very tiezas, because they add volume.Bright and motion materials offer a more delicate look. There are a variety of types and styles of wedding dresses in Songaah, however only 3 of them are ideal to be used for us the gorditas.

Princess style wedding dresses: It is one of the Favorites of the brides in general already which conforms to several styles body. Characterized by its skirts in forms of “A”, and they are slightly fitted waist. Those brides with chubby or rolls in the middle or wide hips can use this style of dress for wedding and feel confident of being able to hide your problem areas. East style is recommended for women with inverted triangle, PEAR type or hourglass shaped bodies.

Empire style wedding dresses: is another styles that favor many body types, so it is another favorite of brides . They are characterized by a high waist, just below the bust and her skirt falls from this in graceful shape. This style is recommended for women with a body in the shape of inverted triangle, PEAR type, Apple or hourglass type

Plus Size Wedding Dress

V neck style wedding dresses: This model of dress is very center to have the particularity of styling, tuning and coquetry to express at all times.
And the wedding being gordita may transmit the illusion that both want to Stylize his figure from the shoulders to the waist or can be up to hip.
With this style of dress for wedding neck V, not only creates the illusion of styling the body, face also looks favored since the face neck and chest will be only revealed it will be skin and the looks or center of attention will be on the neckline or detail of the dress, achieving a harmonious and stylish set.

This model of wedding dress style neck V, can be adapted to a dress with wide skirt, detail are also in disguise wide hips, also fits very well to a skirt style, this model of dress is very center and suitable for all body types, (body in the form of Apple, pear-shaped or inverted triangle body). And if what you want is also to conceal arms a few sleeves of chiffon or tulle will be the perfect complement so that you can feel safe, happy and feel that the style of wedding dress V neck is ideal for you.