Style Swept Away in Me

New colors, new cuts, materials, hooray spring is here and you can let you style your hair from me!
Exactly as it suits you.

You have in front of something special? Are invited to a wedding or need something chic for your job?
Let’s also clear.

You also do not know that, but you would like to try what you and talk with nice ladies on fashion?

On April 29, the curve in Hamburg I am to you from 11:00, all day, are available.
We do not make great application, but it comes easy.

will be doing with my girlfriend and fashion companion Patrizia who her from numerous London – knows Berlin Postings – Amsterdam.

If we are busy times, you also have the entire team of the curve house. A little something to nibble and drinks are also in the luggage.

You can learn more about the actual anniversary of the curve Haus Hamburg here: FIVE-YEAR CURVE HOUSE

Come in great numbers, we look forward to seeing you!

The curve Haus Hamburg you can find in the Herrmannstraße 15. Here at Google Maps