Studio Untold New Plus Size Brand

Some will have already noticed that the mark in Berlin on the Curvy presented. I have therefore waited a bit until today, when the shop went live. And so the saw today morning:

Still studio Untold a wholly owned subsidiary of Ulla Popken group is, there will be the mark only in its web. It is an independent house, which also engages in a different place, your own designs and purchases. Responsible is Verena Sponagel I before eingen years still at Ulla, responsible for accessories got to know. But only at the margins.

Tulle skirts seem indeed to still be, even if I personally feel it too long. But that is certainly one of the Renner are. The new skirt shape is also available, browse worth and hope that there are a few current trend components in the future, as well. Anyway, I’m curious to see what will happen.

Anyone here interssiert for Pumps pictured right, I sell the just. If I only grade on so and a ūüėČ They have never been worn.

But further in the text: will stay here a little less conspicuous, megatrend that already dealt with for a while, and even a few seasons: the biker jacket. The oversize trend I see more skeptical of a certain size, but that is a matter of taste. I’ve worried a huge light gray and chunky knit sweater for the coming autumn / winter season. Top trend, but I look it like a polar bear. The trend I let out. But Carina (the model) looks very casual from where oversize sweatshirt.

The entire CI and corporate image is very young, therefore, who recognizes another great brand from Denmark here has been paying attention ūüėČ

Size technically go some pieces to the 64, with most to 54. Shipping is currently free and there until the end of March for the first order 10 euro discount. The coupon code to is: newstyle.

Small Sweepstakes for launching Studio Untold:
The collection also includes underwear, shoes in special sizes and accessories as well as plus size men’s fashion according to¬†Estatelearning.
So I have a little accessory yet to raffle. It is one of these fine bracelets with a compound such as the names of the? If you want to have it, Leave in the comments how you like the studio Untold collection and the bracelet belongs to you. If there are several answers, lots are drawn. The competition ends on 05 February at 12:00.

Update :
The winner is drawn, it’s Andrea. Congratulations, an email is on its way to you. Since I somehow aptly took the argument of Jana and “U” (for Untold and Ulrike) but looks more like a “J”, you’ll get my. It is still packed. Mail is on its way.