Street Styles Berlin Curvy

Street Styles of the Curvy in Berlin. Last week was Fashion Week in Berlin and among others was the fourth time the exhibition for Plus Size Fashion instead. Meanwhile it is only Curvy, which I welcome. Overall, the whole scene has become even smarter, the pink “Cindy aus Marzahn – Limonsinen” are almost gone and, according to the organizers the Curvy was a great success again.
Everything else would have surprised me.
So it was, incidentally, previously at the fair: Plus Size Messe Berlin.

But we come to 2015. From the fashion I will show you what gradually. It’s all about the fall / winter season 15/16 and which is not yet available. To put it equal advance to say, some trends such as pink and slightly knitting I’ve seen, but many others do not.

There is a new, young label of Popken group, of which we will hear. The entire CI and also stand concept were indeed copied from Zizzi 2013 but mei, why not do what is going well. I find it exciting that way be taken to impact the Plus Size market and look forward to orderly competition in the large sizes.

Today I brought a lot of street styles from Berlin. Here you can you leave from very many different women with curves, inspired.

Last fall I see them running the first time and was floored: Marisa. It was also her first time and I did not at first believed. A real guy with a real talent.

Also Model and struck me with a reenactment of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus: Sandra. (Please report not find your Facebook page again, but take it like having to.)

Business Dorothee who are looking for new clothes for their great boutique was in Syke (near Bremen).

Rikka from the beautiful Copenhagen. Here you Blog

Beautiful Combination of the shorts and the beautiful jacket. Your Blog

Daniela in a nice suit made of the simple rock and rock jacket.

I like it still like: A dress and those boots now. Stilbruch always like that. Janina found here on Facebook.

Susanne cooling that maybe some of N3 know. They remodeled in “Inga attracts”

I was a little more casual way. Everything old, some older and new: the cloth. Currently there like me totally, to combine old and new. This morning I found in the flea market crate a woolen skirt. Boots to hat on and get out into the snow. The skirt drufte move back into the closet. Everything else is gradually verkloppt here.

The fabulous Isabell! One day she suggested simply on her blog and not only I was speechless. One of themost progressive Plus Size blogs in PetsInclude, I think.

Also fabulous: Verena. She performs with her friend together a blog that not only curvy but skinny is: The curvy and the skinny one is for me one of the most compelling blog concepts of recent years. Just a great idea.

Caterina, model and blogger, I actually always fascinated. For quite some time I have been staring them until they brought me himself on it: Romy Schneider. Look closely. My Blog: Mega Bambi

From this lady I have no name, but a nice one. She walked past me and me this jacket / poncho noticed. Then she disappeared into the toilet. I behind and pushed Guard. Drin found in front of the mirrors, very interesting discussions held and they came and did not come out. I waited bravely, others questioned already whether it now time goes on, I persisted. Then she came out and I have attacked the same. It was worth it.

Carina Behrens, for studio Untold, of which we will hear. Sweet is not it? Here you can find out more about them.

Companion and accompanied on every fashion event: Patrizia. The blogger without blog ūüėČ A nice mix of elegant and casual.

The Fashion Week is viewed by many as a place drums. Especially for the young designers. Is perhaps not as meeega Plus Size, but a great Berlin Style !! My Lable which it is contesting with two other ladies: Mableand they have devoted themselves to the curves.

Dionne of Supersize my fashion from the Netherlands. We met a few times. With Dionne can have a lot of fun. I think the solution with their shirt super.

As much fun you can have with Els. I follow her for a long time, we are almost the same age and I like her very bohemian style. You can find them at XL Fashion File.