Street Style Summer Dresses

Street styles summer dresses in large sizes:
This season I’m back with many outfit from Berlin, from the Fashion Week and the fair Plus Size “Curvy” returned. Since different areas have formed what they had to do with the very warm weather, I’ll do it this time a bit tidier. The street styles from the winter you can see here.

Sweet is not it? I may as vintage stylings like. He who knows it? Already twice been present at the monthly styling themes: Miss Kittenheel.

If you like these styles, at Succubus is just a mega sale! Also worth at times Topvintage or at the Rockabellas stop by. All of these stores carry plus size dresses and accessories from the 50s and 60s.

Still a nice dress, this time from IGIGI, a brand from America. It contributes, Rebecca Jahn, the famous plus-size model from Vienna.

Here I was also very nice to see how to can get out of a relatively simple dress even more, for the entire Style. I checked, the turban is wound by hand, from a cloth. How to do this I have in the Tankini article below, something pareos. There is also addressed headdress with a cloth. Overall not as tough as I thought, and a top eye-catcher, which still costs nothing on top (not bother)

Gotten finally, a dress that many may have of you, I have that is no more ūüôĀ It originates from the actual Maite Kelly Collection.

How do you find that actually the street styles? I’ve now come to the happiness at events where a little more is going on, in terms of outfit and that’s much more interesting than only me. BTW: many outfits I see here no longer, but on Instagram.

This has simply to do with it, that all this has changed a great deal and I can not do every time a shooting. Conversely, the snapshots, the morning before the mirror are now not necessarily so great that I would bring them to the site.
For the few who do not use Instagram, I tie off and on here a photo. But by no means all.