Strappy Strapless In Floral Plus Size Dress|My New Darling!

MYSTERY I AM LOVING! I do not even know what to say about this plus size dress with a strappy neckline that has conquered my heart From time to time I fall in love with some new piece and have no way: so I use it already to wash as soon as it leaves the machine I already use, There I go to wash again and turn a great cycle of love and repetition hua hua hua.

With this dress was like that, I found it last week at Caedu Ipiranga and when I looked at the macaw I did not give much value, but I decided to try it because the strappy neckline is something I like VERY much and I think there are good necklines in the plus size pieces. How much I put in the body it fell like a glove.

This is where it is important to know your body and respect its curves. We have to look for pieces that accompany the curves of our body and respect the size of it. I know I get along well with tight dresses, because I have a hip that is much bigger than my waist, so I always look for bigger models on the bottom.

Then I wondered if this was a ballad dress-because of the strappy neckline-or if it was a more romantic dress-because of the cut and the print. I decided that as I am single, I would opt for the sexiest version , so I immediately put it in a glitter boot (which is SUPER on high!).

The boot, although bright, is very discreet because of the color, so this combination works both for the day, with a light cardigan, for example, as for the night. I’m also having a love affair with this boot people, the beautiful thing, see?!?

Anyway, let’s go to the look, right?