Stomach Out! The World Of Large Sizes From A Man’s Perspective

The a “plus size” is surprise, or what? Today we want to imagine a man instead of a woman. A man who lives like you in large sizes. What’s actually in the men who have something more on the ribs? Whether it’s dress size or girth? They have just with prejudice to fight Bodyshaming and weight? And how it looks, when it comes to the plus size fashion? Can a fashion-conscious man is smart and trendy dress’s there always is the search for the needle in the haystack? Must men emancipate plus size fashion?

Fans of the TV show “shopping Queen” will perhaps remember him: at the bustling 37-jährigen business economist with a very own style and dress size 58/60 is Claus Fleissner also a plus size model and runs his own blog “Extra inches” on the concerns in addition to outfits, people, lifestyle also Barber shops, trimming, body and facial care. His motto is: have fun at fashion, don’t you trust something and enjoy!

What is of course super exciting, is his point of view as a plus size man on fashion in larger sizes, clothing sizes, to learn fitness and health. In our first blog he shares with us his experiences and visions post.

Plus Size Men’s Fashion – Something Else

“I think it’s often difficult to find the clothes in my size, I would like to wear. On current trends, it is difficult, because the clothing in larger sizes is often reduced from basics. There must have luck, if one finds something unusual and beautiful. But even with basics, you can dress well and introduce its own individual touch.

For men fashion is but generally anything other than for women even in small sizes. I think so anyway. Also if you look at designer parts. So, this is still fundamentally the same. Time a suit is differently cut a shirt in other patterns available, or pants not once has a pleated. Not much happening somehow.

Much of what designers show, then unbearable and good looks only on the professional glossy advertisements or in magazines. In everyday life, that would be a disguise. I would therefore, but nat there’s area more innovation in men’s fashion in General, of course also in the times plus size. But alone, if the common trends, for example, when fashion chains such as H & M, also for men on large sizes would be expanded, I’d be pretty happy!

Fun In Life Outside Of The Norm

Yes, I must admit that I am not the most active when it comes to sports. In the summer I’m driving much by bicycle, for example on the work or in the outdoor swimming pool – I get enough exercise. In the winter I must motivate very me, walking in the Fitness Studio. When I then there, it’s fun to me! I feel comfortable in my body. My weight varies always between + 10 kg and -10 kilo… then I get a Rappel, do more sports, eighth more on my diet and take something back. I fall back into the old patterns of behavior but then quickly again. But generally I would say that I take care of me. I am trying to eat too much “garbage”, and my body tells me even if he needs more exercise.

Just because I am thick, yes doesn’t mean that I am I lazy and slow and not pay attention on me and my body. Yes exactly that you feel is important. And so do I. I think it’s very sad to hear, if women or men saying that they for example do not go in the swimming pool, because they feel too thick for this. I spoil my fun alive by anyone just because I is not the usual standard! Whoever finds it not nice, to look the other way just.

False Role Models For Men

What I find funny is that so often by a false image of women, by advertising or by Barbie, is spoken. It is us men together! When I was a kid, I played with muscle-bound Hey-man figures, and then came the Davidoff water cool advertising! In men, an abdominal rather is ok, as a woman, but nevertheless, there are also beauty ideals, where behind is hackled in us men. This is often forgotten.”

Thanks, Claus Fleissner! If you get to know his times plus size blog “Extra Inches” you wish world read more about the male large size, then look here. In addition, we have asked him many questions and as you know us questions from the Proustschen questionnaire. Let surprise you!