Sportswear of Casual Chic Trend

Lagerfeld with his sneaker Ladies and legendary catwalk at the grocery store, it has led the way, and since the “allowed” we even clothes and sneakers tragen. Ich have tried it and found it not all so mega fancy, but, for some who are more athletic fit sneaker wonderfully so. It was also a really great feeling, all night dancing on such mega comfortable shoes. I liked it a lot.

The trick is to mix. How do my fellow bloggers that: An Quitschbunte sneakers, the rest is almost ideal for the office. So no Rumhäng clothes to but a noble jacket. And vice versa: the jogging pants style is now fine combined with high heels.

Conversely, the new joggers are combined with high heels. Also because I had to get used to what was primarily due to the joggers, I have plus size sportswear. These are really baggy sports pants up. Now I have a Zizzi, which is, after all, not baggy. But really combine with chic.. hm… maybe that’s mentally? That I just in the sports or just service kit Change the Faulenzmodus when I’m wearing as a comfortable pants?

Do you make the casual trend with? And as you sit around him?