Sportswear in XXL

Well, who says it because. About two years ago I had the market for sportswear in large quantities once believed and thought I had myself a collection bring out. Swimsuits where you can swim, sports pants where you can do sports, sports bras sitting and tops that can not be a cool. Now is not that hard right? The selection is still limited, but there is something going on.

What are you wearing during sports? I must admit yes, I quite often orders the adit things. Last year I then slammed and treated myself to the H & M + Sport clothes. That’s really a difference. The things sit, the fabric does not rub and when it is wet with sweat, he also does not cool down so quickly. The pants are a little too short. From experienced joggers but know that this is one way. I like it better nevertheless in normal size.

So, the stupid mind that come out now many XL fashion houses sportswear in large sizes, of course, is that there are hardly any excuses ūüėČ About my activities I wrote a while and get a lot of feedback. Many of you already want, often can not be trusted. I say new spring, new enjoyment of movement. And not sit down under pressure. Especially not with the weight loss. Sport is more than weight loss, if you in the foreground that it is far too little to the pleasure and to go already far too seldom.