Sienna Couture Giveaway // 500 Reader

A few days ago I cracked the 500 limit in my regular reading and followers. I’m so happy and welcome first all new readers, but of course I would like to thank also my loyal readers. Fitting that I can present you a winning game, that of the plus size companies Sienna Couture is sponsored.

Sienna Couture come from England and 2010 were established, some of you are maybe ever stumbled across this brand as they are sold such as Evans or Style369.The collection is chic, feminine and elegant but also very romantic and playful and is size UK 16-26, for the German the size 42-52 is (in my opinion it would be 44-54, but the size chart at Sienna rather something else says). Now you have the chance to win one of the following pieces of clothing.

A few days ago I got my 500th reader in google friends connect. I am really happy and I want to welcome my new and thank my loyal readers. Just-in-time Sienna Couturecontacted me and now I can present a really nice giveaway sponsored by them for you. 
Sienna couture is a UK based plus size shop that what created in 2010, maybe some of you already now it, cause it is sold at Evans or Style369. The collection is chic, feminine and elegant, but so flirty and fun. Sizes go from 16UK to 26UK, and now you got the chance to win one of the following pieces from them.

The winner must be either one of the clothes or the chic Zebra-Leo-upper partsearch for . Fully in line with the trend, for example, the is Bodycon peplum dress, suitable for Christmas and super elegant this is sDinesh dress with glittering jewels applications. Who still something for for for a Christmas party, finding the perfect companion with a black chiffon dress with Golden glitter stones and transparent arms. The Golden sequin dress cute dress with Peacock feather printwith fashionable high-low skirt would be my personal choice for new year’s Eve, but also that is the Eyecatcher on every party to the Christmas and new year’s Eve period.

The winner can choose one of the dresses or that chic leo zebra top. Totally on trend is that black bodycon peplum dress, perfect for christmas and super elegant is the black jeweled dress, with just the right amount of glitz. When you are looking for something to wear to a pre christmas party, the flirty black chiffon dress, with golden applications is great company. The golden sequin dress would be my personal choice for new years eve, but the cute peacock dipped hem dress is so a great statement for christmas of new year.

What you need to do? Actually not much, now focused read and then quickly join.

  1. you should be regular readers on my blog
  2. order the competition to make, you must leave a comment on my post and write to me, which is part of Sienna at its best will find Couture and how you’ll wear it whatever the occasion.
  3. for the entry to be valid, I need a valid email address where I can reach you if you win.

So since you then once in the Los. But warning, your chances of increasing there is still two more options:

  1. If you have your own blog, you can write about my game, then please post the link to the post as a further new comments here,
  1. have a chance to win, you can steal with a tweet.Write a Tweet happen where the link to this post and @fresheima containing my Twitter name definitely.Also post the link to the tweet in a comment under this post and you since with a further chance,

Sign up for the sweepstakes you can get between 31 October 2012 until the end of November 21, 2012 (according to Central European time and so). The winner is then selected and informed me.

If you don’t want to wait, or in one of the other great clothes on the side of love with you, there’s still a little extra for you. Because the shop has re-opened there to the time 20% on any order with code SIENNA20.

Do you have to do for entering so that what the giveaway? Not much, just read on concentrated and follow the steps.

  1. you should be a follower of my blog on goole friends connect.
  2. to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post and tell me which piece you would choose, and how and to which occasion you would wear it?
  3. and so need to post a working email in you comment, so I can contact you if you win.

That’s it If you want to get another chance for winning, you get two additional entries:

  1. If you have a blog, you can write a post about my giveaway and give me the link to you blogpost in a new and second comment.
  1. for another chance you can tweet about my giveaway, make sure that a link to this post and my twitter name @fresheima is included.Post a new comment with the link to you tweet.

The giveaway is open to enter from 31st october 2012 till the end of 21st november 2012 (middle european time). The winner will be picked randomly and get to email.

By the way, if you fell in love with one of the dresses or don’t want to wait till the give away is over there is little extra for you. Cause Sienna Couture just opened up a new web side, they have a code for-20% on every order with SIENNA20.