She Was Anorexic-Now She Is in Size 42

The American Megan Jayne Crabbe was already on the threshold of death: anorexia! As a teenager she weighed less than 30 kilos, was hospitalized, and was fed artificially.  But today Megan dresses size 42, feels pudelwohl-and sends thereby an important message to all women!
Ever since childhood, Megan had not felt comfortable in her body, always eating too little and starving herself down. Her illness had taken life-threatening proportions when one day she clicked: Her father’s worries brought Megan to rethink-and an Instagram channel showing happy plus-size women.

“If they can, I can do that too,” thought the 22-year-old today-and began eating without constraints. Today she wears dress size 42 and feels pudelwohl in her body. On her Instagram profile she shows herself proud-even in a bikini. On the scales, Megan does not rise any longer. And their message to all women is: Feel well in your body-you only have to decide!