Sexy Like Christina Aguilera

Beauty and fashion tips from Christina Aguilera and her styling team. Plus: Win a trip to Los Angeles on the occasion of Christina’s new fragrance “Inspire”

You constantly reinvents itself: even blonde Femme fatale, rocker Lady and in between loving Mama times. But no matter what look Christina Aguilera chooses, she’s always sexy. How it manages the singer and you can easily imitate that, she told our site. Also: Christina Aguilera’s styling consultant and makeup artist reveal what key pieces every woman must have in her wardrobe.

Our site: What makes a real star?

Christina Aguilera: It is not just about the our site, the perception of my success as a singer or my professionalism, but also what connects me to my fans: their faith in me and my music.
When I look at myself, I see a strong, confident woman with great goals. And this is also my message to all girls out there: believes in you, your power and your femininity. Feel like a star and live out your glamorous side by using a sexy scent.

Our site: But how can a woman feel sexy and confident?

Christina Aguilera: There are three elements that affect how confident and sexy one is: how you dress, what you radiate and what scent you are wearing. You should therefore place value on the following:
1. be confident, even if you should feel not so. Shoulders back, head up, and the rest coming from all alone.
2. emphasize your qualities. With makeup, clothing and accessories.
3. be courageous and experimental: grab the latest magazines and check out the beauty and fashion looks. Ask your friends, what is it and put it in the future.

Our site: Your fashion tip?

Christina Aguilera: Be naughty. Wear colors that emphasize your personality. Put your style, sure, what a super sexy, confident woman you are!

Christina Aguilera’s styling consultant recommends

This trend parts may lack in any wardrobe:

  1. A large bag, which should be quiet a bit edgy. This gives the special touch every look.
  2. The little black dress is always a must-have. It is versatile and timeless.
  3. Every woman needs great high heels

More color

As Christina Aguilera’s makeup artist make-up the singer

  • Colors are very important when I makeover Christina. Fortunately, it is open for all experiments and loves even more extreme beauty looks. As a result, she inspired me to dare new colour games. In addition, Christina manages always to create a complete look with which she visually highlights her musical messages.