Sewing Patterns For Plus Size

Unfortunately you must again determine that it is not so easy to find good sewing patterns for plus size. Although there are also large sizes with were to cycling from fashion magazines, but leafing through one finds most of the time, that the shown outfits often are not the own taste or pass on the current fashion.

The famous fashion designer, Guido Maria Kretschmer, shows in his book attraction: style knows no size * actually as it can go, but it is difficult to find appropriate pattern.

Understand does not need it so, why fashion in plus sizes often conventional acts, especially since – looking at times people on the street – there are little people, which are nearly as slim as the models on the catwalks of the fashion shows, should rather be called model .

There may give the impression that those responsible for the cutting pattern design for larger sizes the toy industry as a model. What is there for great outfits for the super slim Barbie dolls. Also the doll clothes for normal baby dolls is adapted to suit the fashion for infants and young children. Many pattern to the Kosmetikpads of the dolls clothes can be found also. The tailoring at a normal doll is much more feasible as the sewing of clothing for Barbie or Ken, which is the purest Fummel work of handling.

Also the womens clothing in large sizes could be designed much more versatile, because that extra space is actually much more room for design. And why are now plump women not considered by the well-known fashion designers? The answer is quite simple: when a skinny mannequin, the viewer sees the piece of clothing and not the woman. Would, however, a plump woman above the catwalk strutting, the viewer would see not the clothing but the woman. Logical that there no designer really does have interest on it.

As a result such as Blazers, which are offered in the women’s departments of department stores in sizes 48 to 58 look somehow always the same: the darts for the bust sitting anywhere, just not where the bosom sits, the waist is often ignored or it sits too high and the length of the Blazers can be more voluminous work the woman than she actually is. So only the purchase at an expensive boutique and the Kosmetikpads remains. But like – without pattern?

The way Mr Department can be there sometimes useful to check whether a men’s jacket (jacket) by the length would look better. I buy “Blazer” only in the men’s Department, because even with my 173 cm in length (weight is not revealed) sleeves in women’s Blazers are always too short me and with bust and waist, I had that already. Most of the time I sew then other buttons, short sleeves or they simply propose to inwards or outwards. That the ‘Blazer’ is upside-down buttoned, nobody notices. And Yes, Mr. Department I will look at every comic.

The best one copied his well-fitting favorite clothes *. Before landing a well-worn favorite piece in the collection of old clothes, it makes sense to split it completely and to use as a pattern for a new favorite piece. The separation makes that much trouble, for you can be sure to get a good pattern.

Often, the Selbstgen√§hte sits not so, as one has imagined it, although the correct size has been selected. Each piece is different and corresponds to the standard dimensions, which are given in the tables of sizes for the bust, waist, hip, arm length, etc., only rarely. But how do I change a pattern on the own mass now? Sarah Veblen is with her book “the great photo guide for the perfect fit *’ the hobby dressmaker an excellent tutorial for amending section for customized clothing.

So, and now to the patterns for chubby women. It’s not like there are none, there’s just a little. But the best there is – as always – by Burda. And who still looking for inexpensive materials – also brand fabrics * -is on our site find it.