Selfie With Stretch Marks – A Special Action Of Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley

Put a statement – Robyn Lawley was very important after all what she had experienced in the past few months. To do so it has devised a special action. On her Facebook account, she has posted a Selfie in which it is clothed only with underwear and on which everyone can clearly see their stretch marks. The Australian model is one of the most famous plus size models worldwide, designs plus size swimwear and engaged in their homeland for environmental protection. Since February of this year, the mother of a daughter is now. During her pregnancy, a British Web site for gossip published an interview of her, which had been manipulated and changed, and in which it was claimed that she thinks about abortion, to prevent stretch marks.What followed was a Shitstorm without same, which she fully met during the seventh month of pregnancy and also at a very difficult time in addition loaded them – they had lost just one of their closest relatives.

It Is Time Proud On Us And Being Our Body Thinks Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley

Her article with the image on their stretch marks very clearly on the belly is to see, it sends three clear messages to all women everywhere: not everything is published by the tabloids and in the media, think leave your decisions by any pure talk to you and love your body. With this action it is not only a statement against false information of the tabloids, but she shows confident that having stretch marks is perfectly alright.

Plus size model Robyn Lawley says “What’s my stretch marks, I knew there expected me what and now that they fade slowly, I’ve made a picture of them quickly.” “They are tough tiger stripes and I’ve earned it.” Further she writes still “women are pressured so incredibly strong this ridiculous and time-eating, thinking about their mistakes. However, they forget how beautiful they really are. You yourself, are are loud, be proud. And to all the women who are dissatisfied with their body after childbirth: you are a warrior! You create a life with your body and brought to the world. This is no easy feat.” Just as it is. And a world of fashion, which considers ideal, thin and narrow is not good and certainly no honest reference.

The British feminist Laurie penny has applied a provocative and important thought: imagine all the women get up one morning and find themselves totally fine and beautiful. There, our capitalist system would collapse. Many industries depend on the self-doubt and the optimization desire of women. Real women in advertising? That there is other way, has proved a major manufacturer of toiletries, and is incredibly successful with his campaign, in which real women in various shapes, sizes and types are mapped. It is also different!

Be bold, be yourself. Diversity is beautiful.