Same But Different

A kimono two women

Who still remembers the POD? The Plus Size Outfit Day? Every month we introduced a topic and Plus Size bloggers from all over Europe accepted the invitation and the motto implemented jointly. The event was one and a half years and was often copied.

Initiates have the action then Melanie from Switzerland and I. We are, however, only knew about our blogs, from countless mails and via Sykpe. Most of the time she was in San Francisco, then the birth of her daughter wuderlieben Joy, she returned.

So we had first met a real live cyber relationship and us after a few years until now, on the occasion of curvy is sexy (a plus-size model Messe Berlin Fashion Week). That was really a bit exciting and I was glad really, as I could press me.
We had made three nice days in Berlin and graduated course lots of shootings. One of them should be a common and yet not be. Melanie had the idea with the kimono, what I was grateful I had at the time that is simply times no idea.

Berlin is simply the best cafe city that I know. There just all go to the cafe, so there are many, even in residential areas and price is also to master everything.

I think our common images very well done and you can see even just that we had a very nice time. Thanks to this location to Patrizia that has often accompanied me on trips Fashion and made many outfit shootings. You see it on the big screen in the slider.

Incidentally, if someone Melanie Belt should be familiar, I had in my new huge suitcase with it, was to know the silver but appropriate. It was the one where I was when I what with wanted to Neon, had bought just two and they have stapled together. Since you have seen him.

Conveniently located directly across from an old and beautiful fire station….

Now even a few frames, all the frames of Melanie found on her blog.

Nice as a summer shoot it? One can simply right in town reinstellen flowers in a bunch:

Look at the pictures above left, as the café’s. Coincidences happen…..

It is supposed to draw ne face which acts allegedly cool 😉

According to, the leggings is currently trendy and although no longer only in the bedroom. Melanie said so beautifully: This one is always immediately attracted. And that’s true. I had only one top at, nothing special, but thrown over the kimono once already saw quite different. Practical, beautiful and somewhat extraordinary.

The kimono has been provided to us free of Evans available.
Here you can find more Kimonos (click on the image)

or maybe this? If already on that trend, if are not taken, for Plus Sizes, especially in Germany, or?