Sailor Moon Cosplay Inspiration

Kolle ALAF! Soon it is again, the 5th season begins. However, I am an avid Steinmeier, therefore I could still never really inspire me for the Carnival. Dress up, totally okay, but this whole trappings with Funkenmariechen and Carnival and this really bad humor? So I can do nothing.

I like very homemade and detailed costumes, and as you may already be here, or on my tumblr noted have, I have a fondness for video games, anime and such stuff, so I find great also cosplay and dream to make a really good cosplay secretly of them ever. So I me tonight the challenge provided and trying a plus size Sailormoon deliver costume together. However, that was more difficult than expected. And even some things lacking in principle. Well I’m not moving on Yes eh there, because I’m celebrating a Carnival ^^

Kölle ALAF! Sunday the 5th season will begin in Germany: the Carnival. But to be honest, as I am from a region where we don’t really celebrate that, I am the not so much interested in all this stuff. The dressing up is pretty cool, but there is so much tradition and old stuff that come together with it. and I hate this Carnival comedy stuff so much!

But what I do like is cosplay. It is not big in Germany, but as I love videogames and anime, of cause I always dreamed of doing a cool cosplay one day. So this evening I tried to find some nice stuff for a plus size Sailor Moon cosplay. Even though I am not going to wear it, ’cause I won’t celebrate Carnival… ^ ^

Now we come to the more difficult things. I could find no red thigh high boots that existed also in wide sizes. So I figured, why not takeote’a Lolita shoes and this red tights? (You could cut off also it, so that they go only up almost to the knee). The connoisseurs among you will have noticed already that there is no collar. But I think that you could sew up with instructions even. As well as the Red loops for front and rear. It takes very wide ribbon and more solid red fabric. On eBay, there are also various other things like the Moon bar, this little Haarclibs and of course the matching wigs.

And? Celebrates its Carnival and you disguise yourself as a what?

No we come to the tricky part. I couldn’t find any red overknee boots in a wide fit. So I thought why not take some red Lolita shoes and red tights ( you could cut them off to become overknees aswell). The ones of you that now Sailor Moon well may have already noticed that the collar is missing, but I guess that this could be easily sewed. Just like the red bows for the top and the back of the skirt. You’ll need some red shiny fabric for it that is all. When you look around on ebay you’ll find lots of stuff like more weapons and of cause the wig.

As what did you always wanted to dress up? Do you have something like a carnival in your country?