Rock Around the Clock


After I completed this article, I was a clearly obvious: Actually, I could get along all the fall / winter season with only one rock. That would my efforts toward Magic Cleaning contrary. But predisposed quite as minimalist I still do not then I and my cabinet does have space for 2-3 skirts.

In this paper, but I want to show how you can combine three different ways in a few steps and targeted use of accessories, the same rock you. The skirt is a simple black pencil skirt, I bought 2 years ago at H & M, but the there is in this form anywhere. Follow me on my journey through time with only one coat. Eben Rock around the clock!

09: o0 Arrival Office:

The skirt and I have arrived at the office (usually I take the public transport to work, but the Beetle matched color just so good to outfit). The business classic skirt and blazer always fit. Overdressed not visit and will be less formally come along, you can the Blazers situationally well off.

The accessories and shoes are decorated in soft nude tones and bright black outfit on something. The golden jewelry gives an elegant look. Did not I say it? At the latest after completion of this combination I would have to buy the Beetle, unless he already would be in the garage.

Suitable for office look with the makeup is understated. The eyes with browns and lips in a dusky pink hue. The hair is not much what it is mainly that I ever again late morning. Finally, I need for the evening increasing possibility.

The spectacle is actually fake. For alls day.

I have the choice to only refresh and to emphasize or launch a new makeup the discreet office makeup. How do I know myself, I opt for efficient method. It is by powdered, the brown eyeliner is drawn with a black eyeliner, eyes get darker Smokey Eyes look and lips a striking red. The rule that emphasizes either the eyes or lips? I know. Can and does not want me anyway decide.

Hairs I missed with the Secret Curl by Babyliss (which is almost worth a separate post) a few curls. A little hairspray headfirst pure spray, by wuscheln – done.

With a few accessories of rock gets a festive touch. Pearl bracelet, pearl necklace, a Dalmatian Clutch and red leather gloves awaken instantly correct associations. And as often happens with me, even a touch Retro is.

The red gloves fit my new red coat, which I bought in the summer (a bit crazy but ahead). In this coat I feel sophisticated and glamorous. The fishnets play their part to do so.

My husband says he takes me with that.

The party was long, the Sleeping a must. The hairs have little waves, but really good, they are not. A beret is needed. The French rescue for “bad hair days”. I have it. In many colors in my closet.

Petrol is one of my favorite fall colors. Flashy rather chunky bangles, a bit rustic-looking bag and a scarf with paisley pattern accompany me on the trip.

Combines the rock is now with brown boots, a brown Cordblazer and green stockings. Yes, the stockings are not for everyone. But that’s not it at Mode also and I like the Robin Hood’s painting, they give me.

Therefore, the skirt is also suitable for a picnic, because he has a back zipper. Thus, from the pencil skirt, a little further to the rock you can even climb small wall projections.

I hope I could give you a few suggestions and recommending now urgently: