Review: Twinkling Trifles+Free Shipping

If you have problems with it just like I find rings in the right size, I have today just right for you. Paula sold in your DaWanda shop twinkling trifles homemade jewelry, including size reverse adjustable rings. It was so sweet of them to send one to me, so I write a little bit about it. Because the ring really like me and I often wear it, I can pronounce today only my recommendation for the shop.

Today I want to introduce twinkling trifles to you. A DaWanda shop from the lovely Paula. She offered me to choose ring, to review it. I took a pink glittery one with a leo print, and I really love it. The special thing about her rings is that they are adjustable in size. So it will fit most people, that’s really great if you have trouble finding good fitting around like I do.

I have a ring with silver version and Leopard pattern pink a glittering, chosen. The ring is flexible, the size can be changed so easily, but still he is stable. I get things always look fast and very good break, but this one is still heal! It is comfortable to wear and looks great in the light. Too bad I actually just think that the “stone” could be even greater for me personally.

It is easy to adjust in size, but so very robust. I have worn it quite often, and I am really good at trashing things to it is a good sing that it still looks like it had done the day it arrives here. The only negative thing, but that is just personal preference is, that I like it when the ‘stone’ is bigger. But it look really beautiful glittery in the sun.

The rings are very convenient for hand work, mine would cost for example, 8.90.You can choose between many patterns and ask also for special products on request. There are in addition to the rings necklace very pretty and differentbracelets, all are available in different sizes.

I think Paula’s trifles are quite cheap, they are handmade so €8.90 for a ring is a good price. You can choose between pilot of patterns, and she so ships stuff to Europe. If you like her stuff, buy something quick, from today till May 23 shipping is free if you write ‘lovely curves”in the comment box.

Who desire now got a new favorite piece should to lie to hurry up. Within the next two weeks, so up Monday the May 23, gets her the shipping costs paid, if you include your order in the comment field “lovely curves”.