Refinery29 Target Plus Size

Refinery29 website, well known for his bold fashion and beauty Chronicles, has decided to review its policies. The webzine has announced its willingness to place models with luscious curves on the front of the stage. An initiative that can only be welcomed.

“We have let you down, and we want to address them,” says to start the media in an article appeared on the web site last Monday. “From today, we break the codes dictated around the woman far more size and we will put it now forwards”, says Refinery29. ” During the week, 67% of the present models on the website, social networks and the newsletter will display a size 14 or more.

The approach of the American media is part of a representation of the diversity that is part of the reality. Indeed, in 2012, it was estimated that 67% of American women are size more, they are 14 or larger. However, only 1 to 2% of the bodies represented in the mass media. Refinery29 points out that he does not wish to launch a platform more, but to convey the message that the curves are actually the norm.

If the fashion industry is more flexible towards the curves on the catwalk and in advertising campaigns, remains a taboo.Diversity of morphologies is not well represented in the universe of the world, and fashion designers and female magazines still suffer a phobia of the curvaceous incomprehensible. In recognition of its power in the United States, but also internationally, Refinery29 therefore call media and brands of all kinds to react, and then to join his movement. To see things change, the publication has implemented a process requesting long months of work.

The project 67% was not easy to achieve, in order or it took the company struggles, whether for contact agencies, getclothes, or else defend their point of seen as for the brands appearing the breach of their brand image, which their to took several months of work. R29 has decide to collaborate with Getty to give her free photos of law for all publications wishing to adapt this editorial shift. Thus, the webzine intends to prove fashion sphere more size are also sells, and he must see change attitudes and resources. Bravo!

To learn more about the project #Seethe67, it’s here!

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