Red with Navabi in London

Today finally got the photos from our shoot in London for you – together with navabi and Becky Maynes photos → Millennium Gloucester have arisen. I’ve decided for a classic look, which I wear a red dress by Kiyonna. In red, it no longer online is available, but in → Green still in a size (if it’s any consolation).Kiyonna makes way, beautiful dresses, suit my taste – for me the plus-size label par excellence.You must be excited anyway, because for my birthday I have given me a quite magical blue lace dress of brand!

Even with the makeup I’ve put on the classic look, this also applies to the hair, which I’ve gotten soft curls of → Lillie Lindh missed. All plain, but still quite with WOW effect! And can you believe that the photos are not edited? I am amazed even throughout the recordings have become as great, although it had to go really fast, because we were under a lot of pressure.

From the bright red I have me for my latest style Council inspired article → here can read!

Today I’ve got some special photos for you – they’re from my shooting with Becky Maynes and navabi in London at the Millennium Gloucester. I went for a classic look, for which I wore a red wrap dress by Kiyonna. It’s not available online anymore in red, but in green (if that’s something for you), even though it’s only left in one size.I really adore the dresses by Kiyonna, they’re totally my thing – for me, Kiyonna is THE plus size brand.So stay tuned – I treated myself to a gorgeous blue lace dress for my birthday!

For my make-up, I also went for a classic look, same as the hair, for which Lillie Lindh made me some soft curls. It’s all very simple and easy, but with that special WOW effect! And do you believe that these pictures aren’t edited? I’m pretty amazed by how wonderful the pictures came out, even though we had only a few minutes at the shooting.

My latest Style Council article was inspired by this bright red, you can read it → here!