Ranking Dom Things


Some of you may already have seen that I have a shop recently. You find it in the Navigationsleise left under the banner of ‘SHOP’. I have here still are a few things that still need to upload, I will next weekend make.

As some of you might have Lakes, I put a link to my shop in the sidebar. It’s a banner saying ‘SHOP’ and you can buy some of my things there. I still have some items here and I need to update it on the next weekend. Don’t hesitate to ask me, if you have any questions.

Pay It Forward 2011:

Actually, already 5 people have commented on, however only 3 have given to their email address, so I’m not sure whether really all to make. I would therefore ask you, me again to give your email addresses. If I hear anything from you, of course 2 other people will get the chance, to participate. Uyou will find the girls who make it official with nth.

Actually 5 people commented on my post, but just 3 gave me at email address, I am so not sure if you want to participate or just tell me that you liked the idea. Please comment again or write to email [reizende.rundungen@yahoo.de]. If I don ‘t hear anything from you, I’ ll give two other people the chance to take part.

Here are the lovely ladies that are already list in my:

Christina from randomness, à la mode


Sarah from return to sender

Blog (Specially For German Readers):

So here something special for my German reading. I’m advised last on Twitter following Tumblr blog: http://curvyconfident.tumblr.com. The blog is written in German and focuses on industry and German plus more than mine with the German PlusSize shops and magazines. If I so want up-to-date info, check it out.

I found a lovely Slimbox http://curvyconfident.tumblr.com/, it’s only in German, so actually for my German readers, I wanted to show it to you, cause it’s a bit more fashion up-to-date and features things from German also and shops and so on, so if you want some more news about the fashion world, look at it.

Style Crisis!

I bet you know that, you stand before your wardrobe and have not the SLIGHTEST (no fucking sounds on German real shit on) I know what should you wear? Usually, if it leaves me so, there are 1000 other things in my mind that I would like to have for this.

Aber im Moment bin ich mitten in einer Styling Krise. Was eigentlich sehr komisch ist, da ich mich in so vielen anderen Dingen inspiriert fühle. Trotzdem weiß ich bei Klamotten nicht was ich anziehen soll, noch was ich will, als wenn ich nicht mehr ganz ich selbst wäre, was meinen Style angeht. Ich habe so viel gekauft und nun das Gefühl, dass nichts wirklich zusammen passt. Ich muss mich irgendwie organisieren und irgendeine Style Inspiration finden.

Kennt ihr das? Was macht ihr, wenn eurer Kleiderschrank euch nervt oder ihr nicht wisst, was ihr kaufen sollt?

I bet you know this feeling when you are standing infront of your closet, but you have NO FUCKING IDEA what to wear? Mostly when I have this kind of feeling or mood, I am also longing for new clothes and have a lot of things in mind I want to buy.

But at the moment I am in the middle of a style crises. The strange thing is, that I feel like super inspired about a lot of other things. But for clothes it’s like I am not so much myself anymore and I am so unsure about what I want and what I like. I bought so many things last year, but sometimes I’ve got the feeling that all of this doesn’t really fit together. I am trying to reorganize myself and my closet, just like I am trying to find some style inspiration.

Do you know what I mean? Did you have this, too? What do you do, when you have know idea what to wear, but no money or no idea what to buy?