Prince Harry’s New Love

Prince Harrys new friend Astrid Harbord looks like his ex CHELSY Davy. Plus: Other stars looking for clones of their ex-partner. See for!

The most effective way to overcome a broken love is and remains distraction. Best in excessive dimensions: drinking, smoking, parties and a new wife. Even King children rely on this broken heart formula.
Prince Harry, which at the beginning of the year divided by CHELSY Davy, let it RIP at the London nightclub “Raffles” accompanied by Astrid Harbord. Indicator: Blond, baby doll face with large, blue eyes and from a wealthy family. In short, Astrid is a clone of CHELSY.

Astrid Harbord: Old well-known and new girlfriend of Prince Harry

The 27-year old millionaire’s daughter is not unknown. You long belongs to the circle of friends of Prince Harry’s big brother William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton and likes rollicking party nights. Therefore, she and her sister already carry the nickname “Hardcore Sisters”. Now, she takes the opportunity to fish the younger Royal.

Harry’s and Sriram luxury night of love

According to reports of the “daily mail” you succeed very well: after the “Raffles” closed at three o’clock in the morning, were appropriately end the night Prince Harry and Astrid Harbord. By luxury sedan it was at Clarence House, the residence of Charles, Camilla and Harry. Young couple spent the night together. What happened in the Royal Chamber? The two had at least splash pad: Camilla and Charles were the weekend travel.
Which stars always expire, see the same prey scheme in the Gallery of the clone partners.