Presented: Elli From The Plus Size Blog Curvy Fashionelli

What moves you? Why are you running a plus size blog? What is your story, your way? On the plus size fashion days we have plus size blogger got to personally know Elli Weller and asked her these questions. For us the wish was more about them and their path as a plus size woman and experience as a blogger. She has written everything from the soul and allows all of us to participate in their history. Thank you, dear Elli.

Ellis Thought And Her Plus Size Blog

“Fashion was always a big issue for me. I’ve always like to fancy dressed me, unfortunately at a young age this was difficult, because I was wearing a larger size than the other early. Nevertheless I managed somehow, to impose my own style, which came back then as today does not necessarily on enthusiasm and happens, because I was always experimental in my dress choice. If it is not, it is just more difficult not to swim with the current. But it was important to keep myself. If there already something like blogs at the time 20 years ago, I certainly would have been with at the start, because also the writing was always something that I like to. With the plus size blog, I can combine both passions, fashion and writing.

Gothic And Hardcorepunk – The Rocky Road Romp Is In Plus Size Fashion

With increasing size of clothes were the possibilities of fashion to express myself more difficult. For 10 to 15 years ago the selection of good clothing in large sizes was still very restricted. Often, I just wore things that didn’t like me, because there was nothing in my size. That then also times in which not more like were I went out there. Because if people do not feel comfortable, it also radiates this and makes them vulnerable. Only with the discovery of eBay I could romp me fashionable again, because I could order finally clothes me in America, which was adapted to my style – Gothic and Hardcorepunk -.

With Them Come Clean – Thanks Plus Size Blog

I came to blogging then finally by the cosmetics, I came across Kosmetikblogs and then thought to myself, Ah, blogging, that would be something for me. For now, I trust me not me to show for many years, I had a real problem, to present me in all its glory on the Internet. I think that until I was 30 years old, not really there full body photos of me. But one day 5 years ago I have married me just and the positive feedback has encouraged me and made it more confident. Yes, I learned through blogging to come clean with me. Because as I see it, there is to deny anything. If I courage can make others therefore to accept themselves, it pleases me enormously. Because I went for many years through a hell of self-acceptance and felt was not good.I had always thought I could only accept me if others do the same, and it takes place only in a slim body. That these diets only farther and farther have driven me into an upward spiral of the weight I’ve noticed late.

Ellis Appeal – Do What’s Good For You And What You Like!

I am not one of the people who make others as they have to feel. If you feel uncomfortable in your body, this attempt to change. Hear in you into, whether it is only because, that others seem not to accept you, or whether you have really physical problems as a result of the weight. I think it is important to listen to keep him fit and also pay attention to his diet to his body. These things can also happen without that one runs behind a slimness ideal. Also a big man can be healthy and fit.

But only to take off to please others, which is something that backfire in most cases.Here we apply in the plus-size community. You can you feel beautiful even with a large dress size and be healthy. You can become you cute and that must no longer run around all the patterned trumpet sleeve tunic or the black oversize shirt you in your very own style, if it actually is what you like.

We show you this plus size bloggers in different styles and inspirations. Not everyone likes that. It does not have to be also, but I appeal to a respectful dealings with each other. The plus-size movement is still in the building and there is still much to do, but let us not our own enemies be and RIP everything, what I don’t like. I am here specifically referring to the comment column in the social media. Everyone has the right to carry, what he likes.”

Be! Express yourself!

Interview With Plus Size Blogger Elli By Curvy Fashionelli

Elli Weller, known due to their plus size blog curvy Fashionelli, we have asked our version of the Proust’schen questionnaire to fill out. Thank you!

  1. What do you mean by “perfect happiness”?I, a carefree, healthy life in the circle of people who are closest to the heart get under perfect happiness.
  2. What is your main character trait?
  3. What is your most prized possession?My family.
  4. You regret the most?Silly things of my adolescence.
  5. On what performance are you proud?I did it within a few years, to develop myself professionally very well and worked hard for it. In my main profession, as well as with my blog.
  6. Who are your heroes of real life?All the people who every day stand up to fight with passion for all those where it is not as good as us. Volunteers, nurses, rescue workers. Since I originally come from the medical sector, this sector is still very close to the heart.
  7. What is a temptation for you? Chocolate and special offers – again 😀
  8. What does fashion mean to you? For me, fashion is a very strong expression of personality. Therefore, for me, it is so important that everyone, regardless of the size of the dress, fashion can express themselves. Who attracts only, which just fits, feels uncomfortable and also radiates this.
  9. What can you cook well? Oh dear, I’m not a particularly good cook – here I like to experiment and get “Yes… but… you can eat” often a polite. But I think I can do quite well my potato Leek Soup.
  10. What would be your last meal? A nice big steak with a crunchy and colorful salad. Please a warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert.
  11. What famous person would you like to meet? Pooh, difficult! I think I would have like to met the young Elvis Presley.
  12. What do you have to do to be able the most? That they are just as pretty cynical, humorous and sarcastic as I.
  13. Briefly describe your perfect day.He is definitely on a warm tropical island rather than with a great breakfast, a visit in the Spa, cocktails, swim in the sea an excursion into nature with swimming in a Lake, and ends with a rushing party with many loved ones far into the night.