Predilects Plus Size Jeans Andwinter Flare Shirt

Hello darlings! If there’s one thing that makes me happy in life is to find a plus size jeans that fall on my body as well.

This is because I have a height of 1,57m , hips and thighs thick, but potatoes of the leg and waist thin, then you see nee: when it enters the thighs and hips, it is wide at the waist and potato… It is a God come to us.

The issue of the potato leg is easily solved with the flare pants, like this one from Predilects, which is SUPER on high. It is this modeling-which our mother knew as a bell mouth-and which opens from the knee, whether or not it can cover the shoe. Some bloggers use covering everything, even scraping the floor, but my heart is poor and is thinking about the “stupid” everything worm to scrape on the asphalt afterwards, so when I make the bar I leave a little above the shoe. The effect is basically the same: it looks like the legs are longer. Not that I call too much for this and I wear the plus jeans with the flare bar more because I find it pretty even hehe

The point is you do not have to limit yourself to the flare just in the pants! At this season, flare is rolling up the sleeves of the shirts. A modeling effect that I think is right for those who like to make the look richerwithout appealing to prints.

And to finish this look of the collection of winter of Predilects, the vest BAAAAFO that I’m just in love, with lateral slits and that wonderful suede, that resembles velvet.

Plus Size Jeans And Winter Flare Shirt From Predilects